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Saturday, 31 December 2011


first of all, wishing everyone a very happy new year 2012!! hope you all get joy and be prosperous in this year!! come new year, all the newspapers have an entire page dedicated to astrology,numerology and some other psychic things which i never understand!! ever noticed it??, am very sure you all must be following it very religiously!! and maybe hoping that your lives turn out exactly like the ones other fancy-name people chart out!! personally, i have always been interested in these readings!! its very amusing to see how the entire humongous population is divided into 12 groups based merely on their birth dates!! are we as a person so predictable??  lets take the example of one...are these predictions telling me that there is a large group of humans who share the same destiny as mine?? its really heart-breaking to read that a part of my fellow adams and eves have the same personality as mine!! so much for "every person is unique" speech from your parents!! how the hell can you predict what course will i take in my life?? i don't even know what am i gonna do tomorrow. if you are so accurate on predicting the mystic future,how come we don't see any astrologer before any  events like the tsunamis or a terrorist attack?? in one of the papers today, my stars foretold(oh god!! it feels soo damn funny whenever i say that) that this year is going to be full of mystery and surprises!! it told me that i should expect unexpected changes! how will it become unexpected if i expect it? further more, as i delve into the page long calendar of my life in 2012, iam enlightened with that the fact that due to the transition of planet venus into my "marriage zone",i will suddenly make plans !! so basically am gonna get married in september! hmm..wonder what my mother has to say to this!! ironically, as i open the shiny embollished pages of another newspaper, another astrologer makes me aware of the fact that overall, i will have a very uneventful year and very quiet phase in my life!! i was already getting prepared to get married in september and look at this!! someone tells me it will be very uneventful!!:(.. all i can say is that am sure people who give these predictions are unsure about themselves!! we have to realise that this is a job for them too!! the best part is one of the numerologists says that this year india will rise to be a super-power if it can handle its internal political processes!! voila...something which nobody could ever say,right??  the financial market is gonna see ups and downs it flash!! financial markets have in this instability engrained in their roots itself!! there's nothing new to say it again and again!! reading all these so called predictions in the morning i realise that even i can be an astrologer!! i can just say that india will definitely becom e world-power in the coming years!! iam predicting that this year our government is gonna go through some tough times! i can also predict that all the long buried skeletons are gonna tumble out of our closets!! hopefully,someone will give me a job in this area!! gotta go..another prediction on its way from another newspaper!! who knows?? i may fall in love this year or become a superstar!!;););) 

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Its been a long time since i wrote about the life through my eyes now!! owe to the demanding and complex edcuation system of our country!! exams ,exams and more exams..they never seem to end!! but luckily ended before the new year!! nobody likes to start the new year by writing exams!!:(:(...talking of new year don't you think 2011 has passes off too soon but with lots of dhamakas?? i do..i think that 2011 has been the most eventful year in recent times!! with the country rising to anna hazare's call and fall of  monarchy in other parts of the world and loss of many legends, we sure have been through a lot within a constricted window of time!! personally, i had a wonderful year or i think so.. my year is ending on the stress of a lot of exams but also on the stress relieving activities ,i got to do!! recently i had the opportunity of visiting the global vipassana pagoda in gorai,mumbai!! having read about it in the newspapers,i was really curious about it!! basically it is a dhyhan mandir  dedicated to the contains budhha's ashes too making the place very pious!! it stands tall at 325 feet and stands unsupported !! till now gol gumbaz in bijapur,karnataka was known for this feat!!its foundation stone was laid in october 1997 and completed in november 2008!! it has a seating capacity of 8000 persons!! all the costs were borne by grateful donators who practised vipassana!!  around 3000 truck loads of sands were utilised in 90 million man hours!! this pagoda is designed after the shwe dagon pagoda in burma!! there are two more smaller pagodas one north and the other south which acted as the prototype for the main pagoda!! to look at the pagoda merely is like washing your sins in the river ganga..because the entire ambience is so peaceful and serene!! right at the to[p of pagoda is a umbrella shaped canopy!! it is more than 40 feet high and has more than 400 bells.i flag called dhamma dhaja is made of gold and studded with genuine diamonds and rubies!! and at the top of canopy is a crystal!! it is said that the budhha practised vipassana meditation  which means to see things as they are!! then it was  reintroduced by shri.s.n.goenka! after 2000 years!!
he inturn was inspired by sayagyi u ba khin!! the pagoda has teachings of buddha inscribed all around its outer diameter!! it has no entry fee and no charge for the ever smiling tour guides too!! truly it focuses on spreading the idea of vipassana!! there is a 10 day start up course on vipassana which according to many followers is very effective!! in today's world of ever rising tensions and stress this pagoda stands as an evidence to the fact that traditions brave even through the toughest times!! i was really a better person if not changed!! its very true that our own minds can be our greatest enemy sometimes!! coming back and looking back at the scenic pagoda surrounded by the gorai beach backwaters, it felt like some part of my soul had opened up!! making a short stop at the gorai and manori beach, walking on the pristine sands washed by the frothy waves, i let go of all my tension and stress!! trust me, just a simple walk on the beach and feeling the waves wash your feet is  very therapeutic.. it was just pure heaven except for the occasional dog who kept on barking at me for no reason!! in all, am happy that having a very eventful year, i could have the opportunity of giving up all the stress at the end!! :):)   merry christmas and a very happy new year to you all!! lets begin with new hopes and aspirations and dreams!!    

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Months ago, the president of USA mentioned india and china in his speech inspiring the youngsters in  his  country to buckle up and study harder as we are giving tough competition!! that put me into thinking!! are we really that competitive and educated?? am not talking about the already successful people who are making our country proud abroad!! the present generation, the future of tomorrow!!! are we really the people who are gonna build india --a superpower?? do we even realise the amount of responsibility and effort required to even push india forward?? honestly i don't see that anywhere...i cant even imagine any of my friends telling me that they enjoy school or college and want to use it as a medium to take our country to newer heights!!! why is this happening??? why isn't anone interested in their education anymore?? is it so tedious and boring that we students can't even have a favourite subject?? the root of the problem lies at the curriculum we are being offered!! our education platter consists of only the same old rice and dal with an occasional pickle!! although it is enough for survival, it doesn't satisfy your palette!! and not healthy too.. every day every class we taught to be robots and not build them.... age old concepts are being drilled into our heads!! we are my friends being prepared for the EXAMS and not our lives!! exams whose mere reference drives students in a frenzy!! why?? are we gonna build the same machines again and again?? or we gonna live in the same structures all our lives?? the daily rigorous schedule comprising of all the dinosaurus concepts leaves no room for innovativeness!! all we students  do everyday is to go to school,push the textbooks into our fragile minds and come back and again push harder and finally puke them out!! so the ultimate result is a cattle of citizens who know only how to reproduce things and not invent them!! that is why, we indians are the hard-workers!! karnataka alone produces 1.5 lakh engineers every year!!! how many of them do you think are the vishweshariya or the next nobel laureates?? you ask any student today about their favourite class or subject they will probably come up with an obsolete answer after a long time!!! its a very serious issue. can we with our robotic knowledge stand up to the world and declare that we are tough competition?? are we ready for a future which is gonna present us with unknown challenges and scenarios?? its time we changed our monotonous thinking and got rid of our morose textbooks!!! we need to think out of the box!! innovativeness should be our motto now!! else, we will always remain in the ditches we have created for ourselves!! never moving forward nor backward!!! wake up guys!! time to put our minds to work and give our textbooks a break,a long long break!!!what is the solution you ask?? involve people from the industries in our curriculum. don't just bring them to give us lectures... include hands-on work with them..this way we'll realise the current needs of the public and also come to terms with the technology available!! this will form a solid base for our future endeavors and hopefully innovations.. make the timetable more active not just physically but also mentally..unleash the inborn powers in us through puzzles and challenges!! lets not get rusted... lets apply our brains completely and produce something which is gonna blow everyone's minds away!! i know its not going to be easy, to bring about this change, we all need join hands and start a revolution..only then its possible to reach out to everyone...lets not waste time waiting  for another anna hazare to wake us up.. we have that will power in us..let's do this...:):)

Saturday, 29 October 2011


"Mogambo khush hua", the historic line synonymous with one of the most loved villains of Bollywood,  Mr.amrish puri!! the crazy yet intelligent general in the movie mr. india who's only plan is to conquer India has definitely redefined the parameters of a villain!! but considering his devious ways to satisfy his selfish needs, i couldn't help but imagine mogambo in our real lives!! doesn't a mogambo exist in all of us?? maybe its inborn in us...lies dormant for a really long time but bursts open some day suddenly!! Mr. mogambo had his minions greet him by "hail mogambo"..that showed complete dominance over them...i think even in real life we all somewhere would want people to give us our respect,OK,maybe more than what we deserve!! when i was a child, me and my friends would steal guavas from a tree which wasn't exactly anybody's property!! but a lady claimed it to be hers as the tree was in her compound!! her mogambo used to come out every time we attempted to climb it!! she used to scream and warn us all the time..but you generally don't heed to such things when you have ripe and fresh green guavas right before you!! we all do have mogambos hidden in one of the many dungeons of our heart!! it surfaces whenever people reach inside of you and harm your head and heart!! you get offended... someone told me that you only get hurt when you realize that the accusations are true!! your friend tells you you are selfish!! and you make a face that resembles shock and never expected anyone and most of all,your friend to find out that you are selfish!! that gives life to your mogambo!! admit it, you get hurt and hurl abuses at your friend inside your head!! secretly, your mogambo devises a plan to get back at your friend!! in the movie, mr mogambo forces his disobedient workers to jump into concentrated acid!! sometime in your life, you will wish for the same thing!! be it for the corrupt politician, or the road-side hawker who doesn't give you enough discount or even that khadoos professor who refused to give you that all-important one mark!! your mind is structured like the fortress of mr mogambo!! secretive, highly-guarded and well-equipped!! impossible for anyone to get into it and the temple for all your strategies!! am not saying that we all are mogambos but like the brain -freeze you get when you eat icecream ,the ugly is a part of your living!! some let their mogambos lay dormant all their lives,some nourish and cultivate them and some well, don't even realize their mogambos even though it comes to surface every now and then!! but like all bollywood movies and their happily-ever-after endings, we all too manage to not kill but atleast gag our respective mogambos!! after all, you don't want to break your mask or wash your dirty laundry in full public view!!! there's nothing wrong in keeping your mogambo alive,it does protect you sometimes but don't let it turn you insipid and avaricious!! make good use of it..:):) good luck fighting with the ever-green mogambo!! mogambo khush hua....ha..ha...:):)

Sunday, 23 October 2011


First of all, let me tell you the reason for this topic today..its the result of a shahrukh movie-weekend!!! boy, he does manage to bring out hidden emotions in everyone!! anyways, the first time i heard about soulmates was in one of my earlier romantic books ,the name of which i don't remember!! the book describes the prosaic life of a guy and his journey of finding his s"soulmate" why the quotations?? first of all, i don't really know what a soul-mate means... the dictionary describes  the soul as "the part of a man which feels,thinks and desires,its basically the essence of a consequently, a soul-mate should mean the soul of another person who matches your soul perfectly.. the book also stated that you can find only one soul-mate in your life!! surprising!! considering the fact that the world is getting overloaded with every  human-being coming into this world every six seconds!!  so basically, you have just one person in this entire world whom you can call your soul-mate.... unbelievable!! one of my friends told me that a soul-mate can be anyone.. maybe your childhood sweetheart or a random person you would meet and feel like you have known him for a long time!! how is that possible??  in today's world of soo much uncertainty, how can you be soo sure of one single person??  moreover, has your soul-mate have to be your partner like a boyfriend or a girlfriend?? why can't it be your mother or father?? they gave birth to you.. obviously, your souls are connected!!  or even your friends.. it could be them too!!  am perplexed!!! how in the world am i gonna find my soul-mate?? the movies say that your heart will know it... but how?? personally, my heart needs to go click-click when i see my kind of a partner!! trust me, even after roaming around the country with my father, and seeing scores of people, my heart never went click-click!! it does go for shahrukh khan but whose doesn't?? :):)...also, can i have more than one soul-mate?? you have to consider that its can get along and pour your hearts out to more than one person,right?? hmm...a huge question mark!!! but i guess, i'll never have an answer to that question mark!! because everybody has their own ideas and theories especially in this matter.!!! for me, this concept has been over-rated... but all the best to all of them in search of their "soul-mates"...hope you find the perfect one!!! me i guess i have to keep on finding the answer for one of my million questions!!! adios...:):)

Monday, 17 October 2011


this blog is dedicated to all the drivers and conductors of our country who put their lives on the road for us!! let me take you through one of  India's most colorful ride. nope,it is not the festival season.. its our very own public transport, the buses...yup....wherever you go, you will find very common traits among the buses in our country... be it the their revered efficiency or their chivalry, you will be in for a very joyous ride!! first of all, there will be set of middle-aged men handling the buses... middle-aged not old-aged... now the advantage of these people are that they have a lot of experience in you know you will safely reach your destination.. but on the flip side, they act as if they are the wise old sages who have an answer to anything and everything!! politics, "oh, he is an idiot,he should have taken up that quota or this quota"..."India can never develop",the universal one-liner among all of us!! entertainment,"no one's good these days, actors were good in our days!!!" they have a ready-made reply to all the happenings in the world....let me let you on in a little secret..the favorite topic of all the drivers and conductors is matter which part of the world they are discussing, they will always come back to their wives cooking....:):)..then there's the second category of all the freshly recruited candidates... you can never really trust their driving...and their reactions while pushing their way through the great Indian traffic not only outside but also inside the bus.. they make faces when they have to steer their way through the ladies on guys, admit do enjoy it... ;);)... then there's a third category of all the sick people who just behave as if there's nothing in the world that cannot wait... they won't get up to give you tickets ,,would be lost completely in their chatter with the driver... buses all over have a sign asking people to talk softly so as to not disturb the of irony....will pass cheap comments and sing songs like they are in their bathroom... wonder how their wives bear it?? and the best category of all, the pretending to be funny ones... they pass stupid jokes and think they are the funniest in the world... they ask you if you want ticket or a pass and if you are one of the regular travelers, you say pass... and they say "fail" and break out uproariously almost giving you a darshan of their teeth....i mean,its not even funny... they also try to strike a conversation with all the pretty girls calling them madam... in our country, calling every other girl madam is considered very respectful,..but let me tell you it doesn't sound right from such people... its comes out as very condescending!!! but then, i have to salute their patience, traffic maneuvering techniques and they friendliness... its needed sometimes... looking at them handle the huge bus and their travelers, its a good training for all those  people who wanna learn driving!! just hop into any of these buses and you will learn a lot...:):)... with this i leave you with one of my favourite jokes..
GUY TO THE DRIVER OF A BUS: "When will this dustbin leave?"
DRIVER:"It will leave when all the waste has been collected"...
and the reason i have put a school-bus picture is  that most of our memories are from our school buses...

Sunday, 2 October 2011


now that the entire country's newspaper's are celebrating Mr. m.k. Gandhi's birthday today, i wondered what it would have been if he would have been alive today?? the height of imagination i know!! for starters, he would be the oldest man alive on earth!! 142 years old!! has anyone lived that long?? hopefully not..but lets draw an imaginary picture and see how it turns out.... his great grandsons would first run to their computers and and open a face book account!! maybe even mark zuckerberg would personally flow into the country to open an account for him!!millions of friend requests would pour in a single hour!! his page will have all his details like his daily routine,his upcoming activities!! his status updates would surely be something like "let's all join together in this battle against the numerous challenges our country is facing now"!! he would definitely be alarmed at the growth of technology and realize that years ago when he thought people worked with their blood and sweat on farms, now thanks to Mr. mark zuckerberg, everyone is a farmer!!! he would be so happy!! ha..ha...but i guess many would also poke him...not all are the same...then an account int the even more popular site, twitter... he would create the record for the maximum no. of followers in a single day!! people all over the world would wait with baited breath for his every single update!! governments,celebrities,workers,...everyone would be a Gandhi fanatic... but i guess, Gandhi ji would not have allowed for his picture to be on the Indian currencies or stamps or any other commercial entity i guess.. owing to his simplicity, there would have been a symbol of our country designed by him instead...then again, our country would not have not out like this... maybe a corruption free government, no castes, no cruelty to animals and probably in a distant future, better relations with Pakistan...all the days would begin and end with him... his bhajans would be incorporated into every bollywood movie...honestly, i think it would be totally over-rated...we would have lost his value.. and commercialized him beyond recognition... already, in the market today, there are pens,cars,memorabilia being marketed in his name at sky-rocketing prices!! imagine the  condition if he had been chaos....recently, i heard a song which said the we want bapu back...the country needs you...seriously?? do you want to give the poor man a heart-attack?? all his life he fought and fought for a corruption free India and if he could see what has become of us today, he would definitely go in a state of shock!!!but imagine what would happen if he really comes back!! what if he just walks into one of the sessions in parliament where chairs are being thrown and chappals are being flung??? kya scene hoga!!! maybe everyone would get scared and get back on the right track!! maybe not..but seriously, think about your capabilities and then make a prayer for getting him back!! can we really follow his hard ideals ?? they are not easy at all.. everyone knows that...but we do miss you bapu..hopefully we can imbibe some value of yours to make our place a better one... happy gandhi jayanthi!! and i said newspapers are the ones only celebrating because no one else is ...look around ..its true...

Saturday, 17 September 2011


You know, am kind of a person who learns things by observing people around me!! be it friends,relatives,cousins,aged,even the drivers of buses i daily travel in or the simple corn-walla!! i don't know why,but as long as i can remember my mom yelling at me for the mistakes i have committed, i would just nod my head and say yes,without understanding the deeper love and concern and most of all, the hidden meaning or story in every mistake or suggestion!! little did i realize that grinding theories into my head is not my cup of tea!! when i was a little girl, spending my summery holidays in my grandma's place, our neighbors had an old watchman called salim-bhai!! i still don't understand the concept of old people guarding homes or organizations!!! anyways, he was a jolly-good fellow!! he was short,white bearded and a toothless smile worth putting up for the close-up ad!! he was deaf,so i learnt the sign language from him..he used to come daily on his old cycle and guard the house and also ours!! the best part was his singing!! he used to sing songs for my aunt, whenever she used to offer him a cup of tea... he used get dramatic and dance and sing with all his heart till he turned pink!! i was totally floored by his cheerfulness,be it good or bad,he always had the 1000-watt smile plastered on his face!! sometimes,i insisted that would give him tea,hoping he would sing me a song!! but he never did.. instead, she used to mumble some praises for me...i couldn't understand a thing.then time passed,my summer holidays grew into summer coaching classes in school, and life moved on... salim bhai left the job owing to his age... he never said a word to me about life, never philosophized about anything but still,he touched my heart,somewhere along the line i got my positive attitude from him,no matter what,smile always!! and i love him for that...he taught me punctuality,importance of time...he taught me that you don't have to be perfect to be happy!! similarly, even my vegetable seller was a frail,old man. he used to come bang on time of our lunch and my grandma used to complain!! in that few minutes of our barter-system, he used to inquire about my school and friends and stuff and even offered me raw mangoes once in a while, he somehow knew i  loved them!! even today,when i see him, nothing has changed!! he still offers me raw mangoes...again, relationship keeping from him...its funny how you trust people you hardly know and completely believe them!! then there was a cloth-seller who used to come on his cycle every two months with cotton materials on his cycle... he used to pick out the perfect colour  and design for me and narrating stories of his village... calling my baby, he used to sometimes just spin out stories to scare me if i was not eating my vegetables or didn't pay interest...looking back now, there are a lot of people who i owe my nature to... i try to learn patience from the cloth seller who religiously took out all the materials and if we didnt like any of them,put them back on without any complaint.. trying to learn the desire for knowledge from grandpa who still has a million questions a day!!!lol...trying to learn to love your work no matter small or huge from salim bhai... and trying to learn to irritate people like my neighbor's 2 year old son..ha..ha..well, that's all for today, will learn to shorten things like my friends do...:):):) but this blog is dedicated to all those people who indirectly have taught me some basic values and integrity!! thanku guys...will miss you...:):)

Sunday, 11 September 2011


When i was in bengaluru, planning my future ahead,giving innumerable entrance tests, i had my first love!! and nope it was not with the was a furry little friend who somehow managed to purr it's way into my heart!! on a rainy evening, as i was busy eating delicacies prepared by my grandma smuggled in my blanky, i noticed a white and brown little cat meowing and drenched to its core outside the door. instantly, my humanely side took over and i came out my blanky cocoon and brought the cat in. my grandma shrieked,she was like,"why are you bringing it in?", what if it does something to you?", all these advices and warnings went straight over my head, as i was held transfixed by the newest entry into the household. the cat's soft brown eyes(Yes!!) were so innocent and cute that i just didnt have the heart to let it go. another cat-lover in my house,my aunt came to my rescue and decided to keep it. we created a little bed for it and fed it warm milk. in an instant, the cat was roaming all around, poking its tiny nose into everything and anything!! everyday, when i came back from my coaching classes, it religiously waited for me to feed it and tell the day's gossip. as i blabbered away on how some girl was today or what everyone had bought for lunch to my grandma, it sat patiently on my lap and listened. at least i think so that it did..never figured out what went on in its puny head... my aunt named it ramachari,her older cat's name.but i preferred calling it snowy!! its white and light brown coat always reminded me of tintin's companion!! somewhere in my head, i had ideas of how even we both will have our adventures together!! it surprising how these pets have no complaints or no demands!! be it rain or shine, they always have love and love and more love to give to you.. if only, we humans were like them.. can save a lot of time,tension and problems!! but one day, my snowy left,,to never come back.. don't know why!! i was really sad.. thought that it found another companion to share its love with!! i was jealous.. the thought of a stranger having my snowy was saddening!! waited for him to come back everyday,but alas!! no use...:(:(.. but i'll always cherish our times spent together,the rainy evenings with milk and coffee,the sunny mornings when it used to just go round and round around my legs, and the cold nights when we used to play ball!! thanku snowy, for being the most lovable,caring and self-less boyfriend ever!!! i''l always love and miss you!! :):)

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Getting up at 4 in the morning to visit any place is what i call violation of my sleeping rights!! that's right!! family had planned to visit the famous hogennakkal falls on a holiday. "do we have to get up so early?", i asked smuggled in my warm blanket."yes,you don't want to get stuck in the traffic rush",  everyone says.. drat!! there goes my sleep!! but nevertheless, I wake up with all  my courage and get ready cursing everyone. little did i know, that this trip was gonna transcend me through an entire new facet of nature' beauty. located 170km away from Bangalore, hogennakkal falls originating from the river cauvery falls right into the state of Tamil-Nadu. it's just a 3 hour drive by car. taking the hosur road, you go through the electronic city and from where starts a carnival of sorts fro the toll. there are  numerous tolls dotting the super-highways all along. entering the state of Tamil-nadu, you find the sky turning red at first, and then yellow with the sun rising to wish you a good-morning!! you pass across numerous villages and towns and also places of just very few inhabitants structured along either side of the road!! is it even a village?? i wonder...eating hot idlis floating in sambar and chutney and washing it down with a cup of coffee with the village's old man makes up for lost sleep. finally, reaching the destination, iam in a shock!! all my complaining goes down the drain.. the picture before me is an unending breadth and length of bubbling stream of water flowing majestically and then suddenly plunging down into deep crevasses and cliffs!!! breath-taking!! hogennakal or hoge-na-kal means stone giving out smoke... due to the river falling down from a great height, it creates a mist...hence its name.. all along the river are mountains of karnataka. it's almost as if they are protecting the river and its kingdom!! there are numerous points from where you can view the beauty. welcoming you is the short and sweet cine-falls, the location of numerous Bollywood movies.. its here that the roja bathing scene was shot!! then you have a more greater view of the cine falls and a rain of the mist!! walking further and crossing the stream a-la-man-vs-wild style, you have another facet of river cauvery!! here you can sit on the cement bridges and dip your hands and feet into the cool water!! pure heaven!! you suddenly realize that life's not so bad!! then you have a watch tower, from where you can have a panoramic view of the entire falls!! deep crevasses covered in mist and lush greenery all around, you just are transported to another world!! its pure untouched by anything artificial.. i just couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the water just gushing down unmindful of anything else. its very justifiably called THE NIAGARA OF INDIA!! Don't forget to take your pictures from the photographers there!! lovely  memories!! also, if you wanna have even more closer view of the nature, take the boats. the boats are very natural and are circular,made of bamboo sticks and lined with tar!! the person takes you through the entire stretch of the river telling you about the stories of various shootings of movies, the stars, and also veerapan!!  he lived in one of the mountains surrounding the falls!! as the "theppa", the boat traverses the river slowly, you look around and find only lush greenery and the water on it's way to join its sea!! unconsciously, a smile comes on your face!! then a spot comes, from where you can view the karnataka falls and the Tamil-nadu falls!! take a dip if you feel like!! four or more streams of water just goes straight down into the cliff creating a very beautiful atmosphere. every tourist around me goes click-click-click  with their cameras and mobiles and handy cams as i stand stunned at the marvelous scene before me!! its highly recommended especially during or right after the rains!! please do visit it and rejuvenate your souls the natural way!! this has been a holiday to remember!! :):)...and for those who think that we don't have the right places for a holiday in our country, pay this spot a visit. i am sure you will bite your tongue after an appointment with hogennakkal falls!!

Friday, 19 August 2011


"Why can't you find things easily?",my mother screams from the hall."i just can't maa",i scream back.......let me explain the mom's out in the hall mixing the batter for a cake..and she asks me to get the baking soda...simple..go to the kitchen, get the blue bottle of soda and give it to her... but, am an exception, i can;t find the bottle!!! don't ask why?? because i don't tell me, how hard is it to find a required item?? i can understand if you are a are not trained to be in the kitchen,let alone find stuff...but me?? gals are born to be the finders!! why can't  i do it?? some genetic thing i guess!! because, a normal person like me should never have the problem of finding a fumble around the dabbas of masalas and grains in the kitchen,i pray to god.."please bhagwan!! help me find this one item, i'll will not blame you for the varied problems in my life for the next two weeks!!" but no, it's like god wants me not find anything and get blasted!!:(:(...obviously, i was never good at treasure hunts!!... i truly stand out here...being a south indian, you ought to know atleast the basic things around your home....and look at me,,grumbling away and  wasting time on things i have no clue about... "what will you do when you go to your husband's house?",obviously the oh-so, traditional aunts and grandmas....who cares... iam sure my husband will cooperate wid my handicap... oops...gota go... call of duty...another entity to be discovered in the terrains of my home... i don't understand why people ask me to do find things when they know i can't?? bad....:(:(... 

Monday, 15 August 2011


Celebrating the 65th independence day today, i realised something about our country today!!! IT'S INCREDIBLE!! Not in terms of the world-famous monuments and structures and buildings, but in terms of our minds!! over these 64 years of  our glorious freedom, we all have evolved into something nobody ever imagined to be!! all the great political leaders and freedom-fighters fought their lives out to get us our country back... all we wanted was the reigns of our legacy back in our own hands..but what did we get??  partitioned nations, borders, broken hearts...:(:( one ever knew that the price of freedom would be this... but chalo, let's look at the sunnier part... we rose from our absolute poverty and famines and god knows what else, to one of the leading developing nations of the world.. much to the astonishment of everyone...:):)...we have had numerous instances where we were pulled down to the dirt, but with determination in our hearts and  love in our eyes, we fought back... hundreds of attacks, thousands of people killed, countless homes shattered, but still we continued on this journey called life!! sometimes, i wonder what are we made of?? a sense, we are true losers!!
everyone in the world who thinks they are not good enough, rethink....think about us and our history.. you'll find the perfect example of hope!!marvelous!! imagine what would have happened if we never got our freedom?? tough times... i wouldn't be writing this blog for once, we would be reeling under the British... grappling with the new realities..maybe our streets would have been better, considering the fact that they are really good designers....or the lucky ones would be enjoying the company of various royal events!!  but still, we all would be under someone and not Indians!! and considering the fact that how we Indians love our self-respect, it would be really hard to cope up with any ruling kingdoms!! but, cm-on, looking at all the scams ,the undiminished poverty, rising prices, terrorism, you can also look at something else which is well concealed under all these masks.... the mask of HOPE... we don't know if we'll live till tomorrow or not... but plan our days hoping that we'll live to see another day!! we don't know if we'll end corruption, but hope to reduce it...we don't know if someone we like, will be with us for the rest of our lives, but we truly hope and wish so... the power is truly under-estimated...if it had not been for the hope of our ancestors, we would not have been never stop hoping...hopefully, you all got the message...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL THE INDIANS OUT THERE!!  enjoy freedom to it's fullest but don't misuse it... its taken a really long time to get it...:):):)  

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Corruption-the 'it' word of today!! Wherever you go, you have people chanting anna hazare's name!! weird, considering the fact the corruption's been going on for decades in our country now...but why did this practice of giving officials(hate to call them that after taking a bribe), ghoos(money) to do their jobs quickly, start?? aren't they already getting their salary for that?? I feel corruption is being taught to us right from our childhood!! surprised?? why?? didn't your mother offer to let you buy a chocolate if you bought her something from the local grocery store?? isn't it bribing you?? that way, we have the training and experience of a really long time in this field!! that's why the seed of corruption has matured into a full-grown tree now!! it's has spread its roots so viciously ,,that's its nearly impossible to uproot it now!! :(:( go to get your license, and bang!! chai-paani sir??? feel like splashing their faces with chai and paani!!! disgusting!!! you go to get your passport done, and there too you are subjected to charity!! and for what??? just to get your file raised from the lowest position to the highest one?? why are we being soo impatient?? i hate seeing people give in to the demands more than the shameless guys asking for money!! don't get down to their level!!  shame on the people who extract money from old people who work soo hard all their lives and in the last years , have to fight for their own hard-earned money!! i wonder how do these people even sleep at night?? doesn't atleast some part of your heart tell you that you are wrong?? the entire government is now diseased with this epidemic!! we put you in those positions to help us out, make our country a developed one, not for you to use it for your own luxury!! i really thought that after all this anti-corruption movement, we'll definitely see an improvement in this arena.... but no,,,,everyone is as similar as earlier!! even more grown actually!! you bring up the topic of anna hazare in front of the officials and trust me, you will be their entertainment for the day!! you will be jeered ,laughed, ridiculed and a string of other insights!! sadly, it's a tree no one wants to cut... can't blame them too...after all, everyone wants a easier,monotonous life!! please. wake up... refuse to bow down!! it won't bring down the tree completely, but atleast you will be satisfied that you tried!!! there's nothing wrong in fighting what's right!! :):)

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Lazy tense...odd na?? for me, its the time of utter laziness for no reason..bad..i know... but sometimes, doing nothing too gives you a great amount of pleasure!! yes,it does.. roaming on the terrace with a cup of chai in your hands makes you feel at ease, as you watch the world whiz past by...or watching the rains fall pitter-patter on your window-sill, the same amount of glee....or the simplest one..doodle on your notebooks and that too in the class, wow that definitely gets the brownie points..:):)...don't waste your time.. everyone around me chants... but where do you wanna run away with all that time?? education?? three-fourths of your life is already dedicated to it, unless you are a geek of ruled out...gonna use that time to hang out with friends?? nah... not much to do.. girlfriend or a boyfriend?? not worth it.... then where are we gonna use all that free time?? clueless!!!! instead i prefer using it to gain a perspective on myself...... really?? perspective?? lol.... nope. no one's that philosophical these days!!! hmm..then what  else am i gonna do?? blog?? maybe... it would fill in a little space.... but the true pleasure lies in just chillofying!! relax....take a breather... njoy the sight of people scrambling like rats for their daily one's gonna keep a register of your time spent.... you rule your world..... so next time, you feel that life is becoming too demanding, chill.... the sky won't fall on your heads!! :):):) friends are not gonna believe that am saying

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Every city of our country has its specialitites, tourist spots, eateries, holy places......but there's also another widely acclaimed presence..not celebrities..its cheap labour alias child labour!! :(:(...i don't know why this saddens it because a child's right place is in a four-walled structure with posters of knowlegde i.e., a school?? or is it because children are the the very foundation of ourfabric-thin society??..thin walled because, it's very open to the aam-junta..yes,mango open so that even terrorists live as our neighbours now, and we never know!! driving through the streets of any city, at every traffic signal you will be greeted by herds of young girls and boys with flowers,umbrellas,toys,...what not!! oh and the national day celebrations, when all we nation-lovers are out to prove our patriotism and enjoying the nation's freedom, these kids are out in the hot sun selling the national flags, smbols of our very own freedom!! ironic isn't it?? in a time,when there's a development happening every ten seconds around the world, it's hard to pick out these kids!! i have always thanked my stars for not putting me out there on the super roads!! super because, you obviously know the state of our streets!!:(...  pushed by the desperateness to fill their stomachs, they are out holding heavy merchandise and screaming out their prices to everyone, ...shouldn't they be holding books in their hands and bearing the weights of pushing more knowledge into their delicate minds?? observe closely and you can almost feel their bad luck written on their faces and ragged clothes!! why are we so silent on topics we should be debating the most on?? we debate on topics like will these two celebrities date each other?? really?? are we so oblivious to the huge neon blinking sign right in front of us?? why do we always have to go the broken ones?? in such a short age, the little ones are out playing various roles of waiters,cleaners,vendors,maids,nannies,....whereas people start their education,dump it in the middle and then take up these roles!! is this the bright future of india?? picture,awesome monuments, clean roads(hopefully), electronic life...and a small part of kids going to school in their eco-friendly vehicles or the kids going to sell another fresh lot of their merchandise?? which would suit more better?? the choice lies in our hands!! you may think, that am being very pessimistic about everything,the roads, the child-labour, corruption,anything!! why can't i concentrate on the good things our country has to offer?? sadly, i can't... it's mostly because my  mom says i can't expect anything to develop if i focus only on the good part!! you need a healthy dose of criticism to push you forward and keep you grounded!! honestly, the only solution that i see at the horizon is for us to take up the matter in our hands!! if not eliminating the demon of child labour which has spread its roots deep into our land, let us be more appreciative of the efforts that people or the government put in... jaago re... join hands... educate children well...this independence day, let us observe a freedom of unique kind... after all, you don't want to be treated by a docor who's been a child labour before?? that's something you won't get to see... eliminate it,,be your work..don't put the humoungous load on the weak shoulders of the younger ones!! MAN UP!! EDUCATED INDIA ,RESPECTED INDIA!!:):)

Friday, 22 July 2011


She's cooking...most definitely something delicious..for whom you ask?? its for her beloved children and her dearest husband... probably her in-laws too!! surrounded by clean dabbas of grains,masalas,veggies,and fruits, a house-wife tirelessly works her way through not only her husband's stomach to get to his heart but also her children!! while waiting for the milk to boil or the cooker to whistle up, she looks out the window into the road ahead!! well,if you live on upper floors, she looks at the lively scene down below!! she sees mothers everyday with their simple duppatta over nighties attire going to drop off their little ones to their daycare centres...more often, she also spots women dressed up smartly leaving to their offices!! but her early morning darshan starts off with the milkman and the newspaper guys!! stirring her rasam, she maps her work out for the entire day!! then comes the working hour rush!! children not finding their socks or husbands complaining how late they are!! ;looking at the people down below, she wonders if other housewives are also on the same frequency!! in between all this she manages to check out the latest fashion in town!! she doesn't need the tv for this!! she quickly scans all the working class scurrying below!! eureka!!! she knows what's in and what's not!! on rainy days, she looks at the overflowing drainages and worries about her children and husband!! will they reach home safely??, she wonders...all this while the respective children and husbands are out in their own world doing what they do best....enjoying!! come afternoon, the respective children are back chatting away with their friends...she scans up all the friends looking out for her child...all this shows through her small window!! how does she perceive others outside?? is there a hint of regret when she sees other women working and not her?? or is there a sense of pride when she sees the lesser-well doing ladies who are the maids to numerous homes!! she does soo many things without even a hint of sadness on her face!! you know, an article in a reputed news-paper showed up a survey which says that moms spend 70hr/week on home chores!!! if you eliminate the maids,nanny and the tutors, every mother is worth an annual salary of 37,000 dollars high enough to put any junior doctor working long shifts to shame!! amusing isn't it?? so all those husbands,sons and their counter-parts out there, if you think that your wives,moms aren't doing enough, wake up!! it's high time you saw the world from her window!! she'll feel proud enough to make you something special again for dinner,not that she needed it!! go on, praise her for the humoungous amount of work she does!!! for u...:):)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Orkut,twitter,facebook,.....the pioneers of connectivity all around the world!! with the increasing popularity, the derire need to be in touch, and the feeling of oneness with others is making way for what i call the outbreak of connectivity disease!! gone are the days when people used to use simple postcards or at the most a letter to communicate with with their near and dear ones!! make way people!! the net is here to stay!! i can hardly see anyone even thinking of writing letters leave alone do it. Why?? it's simple, the net is faster, simpler and much easy-catering to the large couch-potato fuelled masses!! al you gotta do is click,click and click!! and voila, you are thrown open to the entire world with your pictures,videos,audios and comments!! in a single  minute, you are world-famous in the comfort of doing the minimum in your own bedroom!! amusing, isn't it?? throw in some cut-throat competition, and the desire to stay connected soars even higher!! you are not on facebook?? omg!! dats a huge loss!!! :(:(.. how will people know what you are doing and where you are?? a standard answer from almost everyone right from my friends to my doodhwalla!! yes, the milkman!! apparently, he ison facebook and tells me to check out his status(i.,e the days he cannot come or won't deliver milk etc etc ) on his page!! wonderful, just what i had been waiting for!! realising that if i dont join up fb any sooner, i will be bombarded with more intriguing questaniores, i jumped headlong into the sea of humans who believe connectivity is the way to go!! now after  six  months, 2 weeks and 4 days, iam still not into the craze for fb!! sorry mr.mark zuckerberg!! i guess, your product  holds no interest to me!! no offense to the millions of people who are crazy enough to scream their personal things out from the roof of fb!! well, that goes same for all the fans of twitter out there!! who wants to know, where you are and what you are doing?? moreover, hasn't mobile already filled in that space?? haa,,,it's different when it involves celebrities,i guess!! they have a social responsibility to fulfill!! hmmm...i guess i'll just go on complaining about the slow dissappearence of our , oh sorry my beloved postman but people won't stop the journey of staying in limelight through such messengers! i miss you my postman!! no matter what, i'll always be there for you !!!! :):)

Thursday, 14 July 2011


we indians love food... people around the world eat to live but we live to eat!!! but the major drawback of this love for food is that we are ignorant about the basic disposal techniques. Be it using the simple dustbin or using sophisticated ones!! its a very common sight for me to see people especially youngsters eat up wafers, chocolates, biscuits and what not and mindlessly throw the wrappers on the road!! Isn't it common-sense to just use the dustbins. even if they aren't around, put it in your bags and throw them out when you find a dustbin!! how hard is it to do such simple things?? you know, many times when i tell this people , I  get ridiculed up real badly!! people tell me that such things hardly will make a difference in saving the environment!! I agree that its a very small gesture but let's begin somewhere! just because you use the dustbins, it doesn't mean that the entire world will stop degrading and global warming will stop right away!! its ridiculous to think so!! we cannot point the fingers at our government everytime!! it's difficult to manage for them too. why can't we take up a few basic steps to keep our surroundings clean? is it so difficult for each one of us to use up the bcsic amenities? reaching up the 21st century is of no use if we don't even know how to keep up our streets clean!! cmon guys, its high time we woke up and did the needfull. first let us take up the cudgels of wringing the dirt from our cities, the government will automatically wake up and join us. If not, who cares? cant' we continue to keep doing our good work? let's join hands, make our streets, cities, states, and then the entire country  clean. clean india, healthy india!!! :):)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

mumbai's magical rains!!!

you know, i have been to numerous places in the country but the rains in mumbai are unmatched !!! its completely magical and surprising!!! surprising because a city where the humidity is at its peak all the time, its hard to imagine that it would receive rainfall like this!!! just before the rains arrive, the entire city is engulfed with dark clouds and the sea turns tumultous...every single bird starts chirping its breath away!! (weird, but true). then the first showers hit the city...and a lovely sight it is!!! trust me, every single thing around you turns green..its like someone has laid out a green carpet over the entire city!!! its luscious and ripe greenery everywhere!!! the radio-stations start playing the rain-tunes, bhuttas hit every nook and corner of the city!! yum!! you kook around anywhere, and you'll find splash of greenery !!! its a great mood-lifter!!! an evening walk along the marine drive with hot bhuttas and the light evening drizzle is just the perfect recipe to heaven!!! :):)....its sets off a great ambiance..... you know, its the same scene anywhere in india during rainfall. but its mumbai guys!! you have to experience it to know the difference!!! so, please dont miss out on this wonderful, enriching and lovely experience whenever you are in mumbai!! i assure you, its a lifetime experience!!!! bye for now!!! looks like its gonna pour again!!!:):).. and if people tell you about the potholes, the bad drainage system,overflowing sewage, the traffic in rainy season in mumbai, ignore them!!! enjoy the rains!!!!

mumbai's magical rains!!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

first day at blogging!!!!

Hola fellow bloggers!!!! hm mm...first day at blogging......looks hopeful..... u know, i first heard about blogging from amitabh bachchan...... ever since, i read about his blog and his experiences with it, i realized i was missing out on something!!! to socha, try kar lete hai... honestly, i don't have a clue, about what am gonna write or blog about!!!! but there's sooo much happening in my world to share about!!!! "my world"??? ha..ha... in case you are wondering which world am i talking about, its the land where fasts against the government are more common than bees on a flower!!! its the land where people, ditch there their parents but worship movie-stars!!! its the land where pizzas reach faster than an ambulance, its the land where buildings are first built and then the planning is done.....and its the land where every person has a right like me to complain about everything and anything!!!! :):):).....newayz, am sure you all too live in the same world...if not, wake up my friend...its the reality!!!!