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Saturday, 17 September 2011


You know, am kind of a person who learns things by observing people around me!! be it friends,relatives,cousins,aged,even the drivers of buses i daily travel in or the simple corn-walla!! i don't know why,but as long as i can remember my mom yelling at me for the mistakes i have committed, i would just nod my head and say yes,without understanding the deeper love and concern and most of all, the hidden meaning or story in every mistake or suggestion!! little did i realize that grinding theories into my head is not my cup of tea!! when i was a little girl, spending my summery holidays in my grandma's place, our neighbors had an old watchman called salim-bhai!! i still don't understand the concept of old people guarding homes or organizations!!! anyways, he was a jolly-good fellow!! he was short,white bearded and a toothless smile worth putting up for the close-up ad!! he was deaf,so i learnt the sign language from him..he used to come daily on his old cycle and guard the house and also ours!! the best part was his singing!! he used to sing songs for my aunt, whenever she used to offer him a cup of tea... he used get dramatic and dance and sing with all his heart till he turned pink!! i was totally floored by his cheerfulness,be it good or bad,he always had the 1000-watt smile plastered on his face!! sometimes,i insisted that would give him tea,hoping he would sing me a song!! but he never did.. instead, she used to mumble some praises for me...i couldn't understand a thing.then time passed,my summer holidays grew into summer coaching classes in school, and life moved on... salim bhai left the job owing to his age... he never said a word to me about life, never philosophized about anything but still,he touched my heart,somewhere along the line i got my positive attitude from him,no matter what,smile always!! and i love him for that...he taught me punctuality,importance of time...he taught me that you don't have to be perfect to be happy!! similarly, even my vegetable seller was a frail,old man. he used to come bang on time of our lunch and my grandma used to complain!! in that few minutes of our barter-system, he used to inquire about my school and friends and stuff and even offered me raw mangoes once in a while, he somehow knew i  loved them!! even today,when i see him, nothing has changed!! he still offers me raw mangoes...again, relationship keeping from him...its funny how you trust people you hardly know and completely believe them!! then there was a cloth-seller who used to come on his cycle every two months with cotton materials on his cycle... he used to pick out the perfect colour  and design for me and narrating stories of his village... calling my baby, he used to sometimes just spin out stories to scare me if i was not eating my vegetables or didn't pay interest...looking back now, there are a lot of people who i owe my nature to... i try to learn patience from the cloth seller who religiously took out all the materials and if we didnt like any of them,put them back on without any complaint.. trying to learn the desire for knowledge from grandpa who still has a million questions a day!!!lol...trying to learn to love your work no matter small or huge from salim bhai... and trying to learn to irritate people like my neighbor's 2 year old son..ha..ha..well, that's all for today, will learn to shorten things like my friends do...:):):) but this blog is dedicated to all those people who indirectly have taught me some basic values and integrity!! thanku guys...will miss you...:):)

Sunday, 11 September 2011


When i was in bengaluru, planning my future ahead,giving innumerable entrance tests, i had my first love!! and nope it was not with the was a furry little friend who somehow managed to purr it's way into my heart!! on a rainy evening, as i was busy eating delicacies prepared by my grandma smuggled in my blanky, i noticed a white and brown little cat meowing and drenched to its core outside the door. instantly, my humanely side took over and i came out my blanky cocoon and brought the cat in. my grandma shrieked,she was like,"why are you bringing it in?", what if it does something to you?", all these advices and warnings went straight over my head, as i was held transfixed by the newest entry into the household. the cat's soft brown eyes(Yes!!) were so innocent and cute that i just didnt have the heart to let it go. another cat-lover in my house,my aunt came to my rescue and decided to keep it. we created a little bed for it and fed it warm milk. in an instant, the cat was roaming all around, poking its tiny nose into everything and anything!! everyday, when i came back from my coaching classes, it religiously waited for me to feed it and tell the day's gossip. as i blabbered away on how some girl was today or what everyone had bought for lunch to my grandma, it sat patiently on my lap and listened. at least i think so that it did..never figured out what went on in its puny head... my aunt named it ramachari,her older cat's name.but i preferred calling it snowy!! its white and light brown coat always reminded me of tintin's companion!! somewhere in my head, i had ideas of how even we both will have our adventures together!! it surprising how these pets have no complaints or no demands!! be it rain or shine, they always have love and love and more love to give to you.. if only, we humans were like them.. can save a lot of time,tension and problems!! but one day, my snowy left,,to never come back.. don't know why!! i was really sad.. thought that it found another companion to share its love with!! i was jealous.. the thought of a stranger having my snowy was saddening!! waited for him to come back everyday,but alas!! no use...:(:(.. but i'll always cherish our times spent together,the rainy evenings with milk and coffee,the sunny mornings when it used to just go round and round around my legs, and the cold nights when we used to play ball!! thanku snowy, for being the most lovable,caring and self-less boyfriend ever!!! i''l always love and miss you!! :):)

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Getting up at 4 in the morning to visit any place is what i call violation of my sleeping rights!! that's right!! family had planned to visit the famous hogennakkal falls on a holiday. "do we have to get up so early?", i asked smuggled in my warm blanket."yes,you don't want to get stuck in the traffic rush",  everyone says.. drat!! there goes my sleep!! but nevertheless, I wake up with all  my courage and get ready cursing everyone. little did i know, that this trip was gonna transcend me through an entire new facet of nature' beauty. located 170km away from Bangalore, hogennakkal falls originating from the river cauvery falls right into the state of Tamil-Nadu. it's just a 3 hour drive by car. taking the hosur road, you go through the electronic city and from where starts a carnival of sorts fro the toll. there are  numerous tolls dotting the super-highways all along. entering the state of Tamil-nadu, you find the sky turning red at first, and then yellow with the sun rising to wish you a good-morning!! you pass across numerous villages and towns and also places of just very few inhabitants structured along either side of the road!! is it even a village?? i wonder...eating hot idlis floating in sambar and chutney and washing it down with a cup of coffee with the village's old man makes up for lost sleep. finally, reaching the destination, iam in a shock!! all my complaining goes down the drain.. the picture before me is an unending breadth and length of bubbling stream of water flowing majestically and then suddenly plunging down into deep crevasses and cliffs!!! breath-taking!! hogennakal or hoge-na-kal means stone giving out smoke... due to the river falling down from a great height, it creates a mist...hence its name.. all along the river are mountains of karnataka. it's almost as if they are protecting the river and its kingdom!! there are numerous points from where you can view the beauty. welcoming you is the short and sweet cine-falls, the location of numerous Bollywood movies.. its here that the roja bathing scene was shot!! then you have a more greater view of the cine falls and a rain of the mist!! walking further and crossing the stream a-la-man-vs-wild style, you have another facet of river cauvery!! here you can sit on the cement bridges and dip your hands and feet into the cool water!! pure heaven!! you suddenly realize that life's not so bad!! then you have a watch tower, from where you can have a panoramic view of the entire falls!! deep crevasses covered in mist and lush greenery all around, you just are transported to another world!! its pure untouched by anything artificial.. i just couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the water just gushing down unmindful of anything else. its very justifiably called THE NIAGARA OF INDIA!! Don't forget to take your pictures from the photographers there!! lovely  memories!! also, if you wanna have even more closer view of the nature, take the boats. the boats are very natural and are circular,made of bamboo sticks and lined with tar!! the person takes you through the entire stretch of the river telling you about the stories of various shootings of movies, the stars, and also veerapan!!  he lived in one of the mountains surrounding the falls!! as the "theppa", the boat traverses the river slowly, you look around and find only lush greenery and the water on it's way to join its sea!! unconsciously, a smile comes on your face!! then a spot comes, from where you can view the karnataka falls and the Tamil-nadu falls!! take a dip if you feel like!! four or more streams of water just goes straight down into the cliff creating a very beautiful atmosphere. every tourist around me goes click-click-click  with their cameras and mobiles and handy cams as i stand stunned at the marvelous scene before me!! its highly recommended especially during or right after the rains!! please do visit it and rejuvenate your souls the natural way!! this has been a holiday to remember!! :):)...and for those who think that we don't have the right places for a holiday in our country, pay this spot a visit. i am sure you will bite your tongue after an appointment with hogennakkal falls!!