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Friday, 19 August 2011


"Why can't you find things easily?",my mother screams from the hall."i just can't maa",i scream back.......let me explain the mom's out in the hall mixing the batter for a cake..and she asks me to get the baking soda...simple..go to the kitchen, get the blue bottle of soda and give it to her... but, am an exception, i can;t find the bottle!!! don't ask why?? because i don't tell me, how hard is it to find a required item?? i can understand if you are a are not trained to be in the kitchen,let alone find stuff...but me?? gals are born to be the finders!! why can't  i do it?? some genetic thing i guess!! because, a normal person like me should never have the problem of finding a fumble around the dabbas of masalas and grains in the kitchen,i pray to god.."please bhagwan!! help me find this one item, i'll will not blame you for the varied problems in my life for the next two weeks!!" but no, it's like god wants me not find anything and get blasted!!:(:(...obviously, i was never good at treasure hunts!!... i truly stand out here...being a south indian, you ought to know atleast the basic things around your home....and look at me,,grumbling away and  wasting time on things i have no clue about... "what will you do when you go to your husband's house?",obviously the oh-so, traditional aunts and grandmas....who cares... iam sure my husband will cooperate wid my handicap... oops...gota go... call of duty...another entity to be discovered in the terrains of my home... i don't understand why people ask me to do find things when they know i can't?? bad....:(:(... 

Monday, 15 August 2011


Celebrating the 65th independence day today, i realised something about our country today!!! IT'S INCREDIBLE!! Not in terms of the world-famous monuments and structures and buildings, but in terms of our minds!! over these 64 years of  our glorious freedom, we all have evolved into something nobody ever imagined to be!! all the great political leaders and freedom-fighters fought their lives out to get us our country back... all we wanted was the reigns of our legacy back in our own hands..but what did we get??  partitioned nations, borders, broken hearts...:(:( one ever knew that the price of freedom would be this... but chalo, let's look at the sunnier part... we rose from our absolute poverty and famines and god knows what else, to one of the leading developing nations of the world.. much to the astonishment of everyone...:):)...we have had numerous instances where we were pulled down to the dirt, but with determination in our hearts and  love in our eyes, we fought back... hundreds of attacks, thousands of people killed, countless homes shattered, but still we continued on this journey called life!! sometimes, i wonder what are we made of?? a sense, we are true losers!!
everyone in the world who thinks they are not good enough, rethink....think about us and our history.. you'll find the perfect example of hope!!marvelous!! imagine what would have happened if we never got our freedom?? tough times... i wouldn't be writing this blog for once, we would be reeling under the British... grappling with the new realities..maybe our streets would have been better, considering the fact that they are really good designers....or the lucky ones would be enjoying the company of various royal events!!  but still, we all would be under someone and not Indians!! and considering the fact that how we Indians love our self-respect, it would be really hard to cope up with any ruling kingdoms!! but, cm-on, looking at all the scams ,the undiminished poverty, rising prices, terrorism, you can also look at something else which is well concealed under all these masks.... the mask of HOPE... we don't know if we'll live till tomorrow or not... but plan our days hoping that we'll live to see another day!! we don't know if we'll end corruption, but hope to reduce it...we don't know if someone we like, will be with us for the rest of our lives, but we truly hope and wish so... the power is truly under-estimated...if it had not been for the hope of our ancestors, we would not have been never stop hoping...hopefully, you all got the message...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL THE INDIANS OUT THERE!!  enjoy freedom to it's fullest but don't misuse it... its taken a really long time to get it...:):):)  

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Corruption-the 'it' word of today!! Wherever you go, you have people chanting anna hazare's name!! weird, considering the fact the corruption's been going on for decades in our country now...but why did this practice of giving officials(hate to call them that after taking a bribe), ghoos(money) to do their jobs quickly, start?? aren't they already getting their salary for that?? I feel corruption is being taught to us right from our childhood!! surprised?? why?? didn't your mother offer to let you buy a chocolate if you bought her something from the local grocery store?? isn't it bribing you?? that way, we have the training and experience of a really long time in this field!! that's why the seed of corruption has matured into a full-grown tree now!! it's has spread its roots so viciously ,,that's its nearly impossible to uproot it now!! :(:( go to get your license, and bang!! chai-paani sir??? feel like splashing their faces with chai and paani!!! disgusting!!! you go to get your passport done, and there too you are subjected to charity!! and for what??? just to get your file raised from the lowest position to the highest one?? why are we being soo impatient?? i hate seeing people give in to the demands more than the shameless guys asking for money!! don't get down to their level!!  shame on the people who extract money from old people who work soo hard all their lives and in the last years , have to fight for their own hard-earned money!! i wonder how do these people even sleep at night?? doesn't atleast some part of your heart tell you that you are wrong?? the entire government is now diseased with this epidemic!! we put you in those positions to help us out, make our country a developed one, not for you to use it for your own luxury!! i really thought that after all this anti-corruption movement, we'll definitely see an improvement in this arena.... but no,,,,everyone is as similar as earlier!! even more grown actually!! you bring up the topic of anna hazare in front of the officials and trust me, you will be their entertainment for the day!! you will be jeered ,laughed, ridiculed and a string of other insights!! sadly, it's a tree no one wants to cut... can't blame them too...after all, everyone wants a easier,monotonous life!! please. wake up... refuse to bow down!! it won't bring down the tree completely, but atleast you will be satisfied that you tried!!! there's nothing wrong in fighting what's right!! :):)

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Lazy tense...odd na?? for me, its the time of utter laziness for no reason..bad..i know... but sometimes, doing nothing too gives you a great amount of pleasure!! yes,it does.. roaming on the terrace with a cup of chai in your hands makes you feel at ease, as you watch the world whiz past by...or watching the rains fall pitter-patter on your window-sill, the same amount of glee....or the simplest one..doodle on your notebooks and that too in the class, wow that definitely gets the brownie points..:):)...don't waste your time.. everyone around me chants... but where do you wanna run away with all that time?? education?? three-fourths of your life is already dedicated to it, unless you are a geek of ruled out...gonna use that time to hang out with friends?? nah... not much to do.. girlfriend or a boyfriend?? not worth it.... then where are we gonna use all that free time?? clueless!!!! instead i prefer using it to gain a perspective on myself...... really?? perspective?? lol.... nope. no one's that philosophical these days!!! hmm..then what  else am i gonna do?? blog?? maybe... it would fill in a little space.... but the true pleasure lies in just chillofying!! relax....take a breather... njoy the sight of people scrambling like rats for their daily one's gonna keep a register of your time spent.... you rule your world..... so next time, you feel that life is becoming too demanding, chill.... the sky won't fall on your heads!! :):):) friends are not gonna believe that am saying