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Sunday, 11 September 2011


When i was in bengaluru, planning my future ahead,giving innumerable entrance tests, i had my first love!! and nope it was not with the was a furry little friend who somehow managed to purr it's way into my heart!! on a rainy evening, as i was busy eating delicacies prepared by my grandma smuggled in my blanky, i noticed a white and brown little cat meowing and drenched to its core outside the door. instantly, my humanely side took over and i came out my blanky cocoon and brought the cat in. my grandma shrieked,she was like,"why are you bringing it in?", what if it does something to you?", all these advices and warnings went straight over my head, as i was held transfixed by the newest entry into the household. the cat's soft brown eyes(Yes!!) were so innocent and cute that i just didnt have the heart to let it go. another cat-lover in my house,my aunt came to my rescue and decided to keep it. we created a little bed for it and fed it warm milk. in an instant, the cat was roaming all around, poking its tiny nose into everything and anything!! everyday, when i came back from my coaching classes, it religiously waited for me to feed it and tell the day's gossip. as i blabbered away on how some girl was today or what everyone had bought for lunch to my grandma, it sat patiently on my lap and listened. at least i think so that it did..never figured out what went on in its puny head... my aunt named it ramachari,her older cat's name.but i preferred calling it snowy!! its white and light brown coat always reminded me of tintin's companion!! somewhere in my head, i had ideas of how even we both will have our adventures together!! it surprising how these pets have no complaints or no demands!! be it rain or shine, they always have love and love and more love to give to you.. if only, we humans were like them.. can save a lot of time,tension and problems!! but one day, my snowy left,,to never come back.. don't know why!! i was really sad.. thought that it found another companion to share its love with!! i was jealous.. the thought of a stranger having my snowy was saddening!! waited for him to come back everyday,but alas!! no use...:(:(.. but i'll always cherish our times spent together,the rainy evenings with milk and coffee,the sunny mornings when it used to just go round and round around my legs, and the cold nights when we used to play ball!! thanku snowy, for being the most lovable,caring and self-less boyfriend ever!!! i''l always love and miss you!! :):)


  1. very cute and by far the best work of yours.....
    well done.....genuinely impressed......

  2. So cute...I wished Snowy didn't leave u...