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Friday, 19 August 2011


"Why can't you find things easily?",my mother screams from the hall."i just can't maa",i scream back.......let me explain the mom's out in the hall mixing the batter for a cake..and she asks me to get the baking soda...simple..go to the kitchen, get the blue bottle of soda and give it to her... but, am an exception, i can;t find the bottle!!! don't ask why?? because i don't tell me, how hard is it to find a required item?? i can understand if you are a are not trained to be in the kitchen,let alone find stuff...but me?? gals are born to be the finders!! why can't  i do it?? some genetic thing i guess!! because, a normal person like me should never have the problem of finding a fumble around the dabbas of masalas and grains in the kitchen,i pray to god.."please bhagwan!! help me find this one item, i'll will not blame you for the varied problems in my life for the next two weeks!!" but no, it's like god wants me not find anything and get blasted!!:(:(...obviously, i was never good at treasure hunts!!... i truly stand out here...being a south indian, you ought to know atleast the basic things around your home....and look at me,,grumbling away and  wasting time on things i have no clue about... "what will you do when you go to your husband's house?",obviously the oh-so, traditional aunts and grandmas....who cares... iam sure my husband will cooperate wid my handicap... oops...gota go... call of duty...another entity to be discovered in the terrains of my home... i don't understand why people ask me to do find things when they know i can't?? bad....:(:(... 


  1. it always looks like the grass is greener on the other side but let me tell you we also have to do the same atrocious stuff like fetch things for mother and on top of that we are accused of not working too after working our brains out......BTW get a portion of cake tomorrow........sounds tasty........

  2. interesting... glad that someone else is in the same boat!!

  3. lol :D...we are so much mom used to shout at me and say the same things when I couldn't find something she wanted...