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Sunday, 10 July 2011

mumbai's magical rains!!!

you know, i have been to numerous places in the country but the rains in mumbai are unmatched !!! its completely magical and surprising!!! surprising because a city where the humidity is at its peak all the time, its hard to imagine that it would receive rainfall like this!!! just before the rains arrive, the entire city is engulfed with dark clouds and the sea turns tumultous...every single bird starts chirping its breath away!! (weird, but true). then the first showers hit the city...and a lovely sight it is!!! trust me, every single thing around you turns green..its like someone has laid out a green carpet over the entire city!!! its luscious and ripe greenery everywhere!!! the radio-stations start playing the rain-tunes, bhuttas hit every nook and corner of the city!! yum!! you kook around anywhere, and you'll find splash of greenery !!! its a great mood-lifter!!! an evening walk along the marine drive with hot bhuttas and the light evening drizzle is just the perfect recipe to heaven!!! :):)....its sets off a great ambiance..... you know, its the same scene anywhere in india during rainfall. but its mumbai guys!! you have to experience it to know the difference!!! so, please dont miss out on this wonderful, enriching and lovely experience whenever you are in mumbai!! i assure you, its a lifetime experience!!!! bye for now!!! looks like its gonna pour again!!!:):).. and if people tell you about the potholes, the bad drainage system,overflowing sewage, the traffic in rainy season in mumbai, ignore them!!! enjoy the rains!!!!

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