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Monday, 15 August 2011


Celebrating the 65th independence day today, i realised something about our country today!!! IT'S INCREDIBLE!! Not in terms of the world-famous monuments and structures and buildings, but in terms of our minds!! over these 64 years of  our glorious freedom, we all have evolved into something nobody ever imagined to be!! all the great political leaders and freedom-fighters fought their lives out to get us our country back... all we wanted was the reigns of our legacy back in our own hands..but what did we get??  partitioned nations, borders, broken hearts...:(:( one ever knew that the price of freedom would be this... but chalo, let's look at the sunnier part... we rose from our absolute poverty and famines and god knows what else, to one of the leading developing nations of the world.. much to the astonishment of everyone...:):)...we have had numerous instances where we were pulled down to the dirt, but with determination in our hearts and  love in our eyes, we fought back... hundreds of attacks, thousands of people killed, countless homes shattered, but still we continued on this journey called life!! sometimes, i wonder what are we made of?? a sense, we are true losers!!
everyone in the world who thinks they are not good enough, rethink....think about us and our history.. you'll find the perfect example of hope!!marvelous!! imagine what would have happened if we never got our freedom?? tough times... i wouldn't be writing this blog for once, we would be reeling under the British... grappling with the new realities..maybe our streets would have been better, considering the fact that they are really good designers....or the lucky ones would be enjoying the company of various royal events!!  but still, we all would be under someone and not Indians!! and considering the fact that how we Indians love our self-respect, it would be really hard to cope up with any ruling kingdoms!! but, cm-on, looking at all the scams ,the undiminished poverty, rising prices, terrorism, you can also look at something else which is well concealed under all these masks.... the mask of HOPE... we don't know if we'll live till tomorrow or not... but plan our days hoping that we'll live to see another day!! we don't know if we'll end corruption, but hope to reduce it...we don't know if someone we like, will be with us for the rest of our lives, but we truly hope and wish so... the power is truly under-estimated...if it had not been for the hope of our ancestors, we would not have been never stop hoping...hopefully, you all got the message...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL THE INDIANS OUT THERE!!  enjoy freedom to it's fullest but don't misuse it... its taken a really long time to get it...:):):)  

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  1. i truly believe that nothing has gone wrong in our favor, since independence we have emerged as a very strong secularist socialist country looking at the others who are still suffering from there anti secularist and anti socialist view we are far better position........i am happy that still someone is hopeful..........