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Thursday, 4 August 2011


Lazy tense...odd na?? for me, its the time of utter laziness for no reason..bad..i know... but sometimes, doing nothing too gives you a great amount of pleasure!! yes,it does.. roaming on the terrace with a cup of chai in your hands makes you feel at ease, as you watch the world whiz past by...or watching the rains fall pitter-patter on your window-sill, the same amount of glee....or the simplest one..doodle on your notebooks and that too in the class, wow that definitely gets the brownie points..:):)...don't waste your time.. everyone around me chants... but where do you wanna run away with all that time?? education?? three-fourths of your life is already dedicated to it, unless you are a geek of ruled out...gonna use that time to hang out with friends?? nah... not much to do.. girlfriend or a boyfriend?? not worth it.... then where are we gonna use all that free time?? clueless!!!! instead i prefer using it to gain a perspective on myself...... really?? perspective?? lol.... nope. no one's that philosophical these days!!! hmm..then what  else am i gonna do?? blog?? maybe... it would fill in a little space.... but the true pleasure lies in just chillofying!! relax....take a breather... njoy the sight of people scrambling like rats for their daily one's gonna keep a register of your time spent.... you rule your world..... so next time, you feel that life is becoming too demanding, chill.... the sky won't fall on your heads!! :):):) friends are not gonna believe that am saying

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