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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Months ago, the president of USA mentioned india and china in his speech inspiring the youngsters in  his  country to buckle up and study harder as we are giving tough competition!! that put me into thinking!! are we really that competitive and educated?? am not talking about the already successful people who are making our country proud abroad!! the present generation, the future of tomorrow!!! are we really the people who are gonna build india --a superpower?? do we even realise the amount of responsibility and effort required to even push india forward?? honestly i don't see that anywhere...i cant even imagine any of my friends telling me that they enjoy school or college and want to use it as a medium to take our country to newer heights!!! why is this happening??? why isn't anone interested in their education anymore?? is it so tedious and boring that we students can't even have a favourite subject?? the root of the problem lies at the curriculum we are being offered!! our education platter consists of only the same old rice and dal with an occasional pickle!! although it is enough for survival, it doesn't satisfy your palette!! and not healthy too.. every day every class we taught to be robots and not build them.... age old concepts are being drilled into our heads!! we are my friends being prepared for the EXAMS and not our lives!! exams whose mere reference drives students in a frenzy!! why?? are we gonna build the same machines again and again?? or we gonna live in the same structures all our lives?? the daily rigorous schedule comprising of all the dinosaurus concepts leaves no room for innovativeness!! all we students  do everyday is to go to school,push the textbooks into our fragile minds and come back and again push harder and finally puke them out!! so the ultimate result is a cattle of citizens who know only how to reproduce things and not invent them!! that is why, we indians are the hard-workers!! karnataka alone produces 1.5 lakh engineers every year!!! how many of them do you think are the vishweshariya or the next nobel laureates?? you ask any student today about their favourite class or subject they will probably come up with an obsolete answer after a long time!!! its a very serious issue. can we with our robotic knowledge stand up to the world and declare that we are tough competition?? are we ready for a future which is gonna present us with unknown challenges and scenarios?? its time we changed our monotonous thinking and got rid of our morose textbooks!!! we need to think out of the box!! innovativeness should be our motto now!! else, we will always remain in the ditches we have created for ourselves!! never moving forward nor backward!!! wake up guys!! time to put our minds to work and give our textbooks a break,a long long break!!!what is the solution you ask?? involve people from the industries in our curriculum. don't just bring them to give us lectures... include hands-on work with them..this way we'll realise the current needs of the public and also come to terms with the technology available!! this will form a solid base for our future endeavors and hopefully innovations.. make the timetable more active not just physically but also mentally..unleash the inborn powers in us through puzzles and challenges!! lets not get rusted... lets apply our brains completely and produce something which is gonna blow everyone's minds away!! i know its not going to be easy, to bring about this change, we all need join hands and start a revolution..only then its possible to reach out to everyone...lets not waste time waiting  for another anna hazare to wake us up.. we have that will power in us..let's do this...:):)


  1. Completely agree with you ...

    Our education system is in a very bad state and those who can,and have the power to change it are least bothered. They are just experimenting with us with all there weird policies..

    But you know we all are at least lucky to be studying in a decent college..
    there are thousands of kids who cannot afford to attend even primary school...
    there are many problems at the grass-root level itself...
    unfortunate but true...

  2. what can i say? i have already expressed my views on this. its a very grave issue,something which we cannot avoid further.