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Saturday, 31 December 2011


first of all, wishing everyone a very happy new year 2012!! hope you all get joy and be prosperous in this year!! come new year, all the newspapers have an entire page dedicated to astrology,numerology and some other psychic things which i never understand!! ever noticed it??, am very sure you all must be following it very religiously!! and maybe hoping that your lives turn out exactly like the ones other fancy-name people chart out!! personally, i have always been interested in these readings!! its very amusing to see how the entire humongous population is divided into 12 groups based merely on their birth dates!! are we as a person so predictable??  lets take the example of one...are these predictions telling me that there is a large group of humans who share the same destiny as mine?? its really heart-breaking to read that a part of my fellow adams and eves have the same personality as mine!! so much for "every person is unique" speech from your parents!! how the hell can you predict what course will i take in my life?? i don't even know what am i gonna do tomorrow. if you are so accurate on predicting the mystic future,how come we don't see any astrologer before any  events like the tsunamis or a terrorist attack?? in one of the papers today, my stars foretold(oh god!! it feels soo damn funny whenever i say that) that this year is going to be full of mystery and surprises!! it told me that i should expect unexpected changes! how will it become unexpected if i expect it? further more, as i delve into the page long calendar of my life in 2012, iam enlightened with that the fact that due to the transition of planet venus into my "marriage zone",i will suddenly make plans !! so basically am gonna get married in september! hmm..wonder what my mother has to say to this!! ironically, as i open the shiny embollished pages of another newspaper, another astrologer makes me aware of the fact that overall, i will have a very uneventful year and very quiet phase in my life!! i was already getting prepared to get married in september and look at this!! someone tells me it will be very uneventful!!:(.. all i can say is that am sure people who give these predictions are unsure about themselves!! we have to realise that this is a job for them too!! the best part is one of the numerologists says that this year india will rise to be a super-power if it can handle its internal political processes!! voila...something which nobody could ever say,right??  the financial market is gonna see ups and downs it flash!! financial markets have in this instability engrained in their roots itself!! there's nothing new to say it again and again!! reading all these so called predictions in the morning i realise that even i can be an astrologer!! i can just say that india will definitely becom e world-power in the coming years!! iam predicting that this year our government is gonna go through some tough times! i can also predict that all the long buried skeletons are gonna tumble out of our closets!! hopefully,someone will give me a job in this area!! gotta go..another prediction on its way from another newspaper!! who knows?? i may fall in love this year or become a superstar!!;););) 


  1. That was funny and nicely written ...and whatever you have written was also wonderfully shown in the movie lage raho munnabhai ...
    even i used to read those predictions till recently... have stopped now.
    you control and make your own life and you are the one who is responsible for it .. right ??

  2. thanku are right. the movie expressed the same views. its our life. we are gonna make all the decisions and only they would affect us not anything else.