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Thursday, 26 January 2012


The standard etiquette in our country requires me to behave very sweetly and give a lot of respect to friends of my it the neighbor or someone far away who had seen you when you were barely crawling. but my question is how much is too much? what if you overdo it? and the biggest dilemma of all.what if the person on the other side is too much. i know. iit puts avery wrong picture in your mind right now.but seriously, haven't you ever come across that one super-irritating auntyji who would do everything from pulling your cheeks (it doesnt give the effect when you are a 19 or 20 year old) to commenting or even deciding about your future? this is specially common in the gal community. let me describe you a typical scene that unfolds when you go to meet someone with your parents. you greet them,sit down and reach out to the refreshment spread laid out to you,when whoosh! auntyji swoops down on you saying "oh..girls today drink all sorts of things,its very important to keep track of them", my hand is half way to the table and the orange juice looks very inviting,but thanks to auntyji orange juice becomes vodka! i mean, what does she want to say? that we girls shouldn't drink anything? because of our world-famous modesty,we shut our mouths,give a weak fake smile cum hidden anger. this gives the auntyji a green signal to delve further into our personal lives. guess whats the next comment about. obviously its about you looks,looks, and oh..looks. "she looks nice, has a little bit of fat around her face, but looks very thin and lean.she should eat more". suddenly,the samosas don't look so appealing either. even our parents nowadays don't say anything about us. but it looks like auntyji has put up a permanent tent giving free and very unwanted advice. and if she has a son, then forget about yourself. she'll ask every little detail about you,every little detail."hobbies?","cooking?","why jeans all the time?",cmon we  are the young generation, aren't we? basically she is just checking things off her imaginary checklist for the perfect bride! utter crap. i don't understand the need for so much interest. auntyji,don;t you have your serials to do all the gossip for you? trust me, all the guys out there have it easy. but the majority gals out there dread going to the neighbourhood's  sheela aunty or parvathy aunty. take it easy auntyjis. you'll find some other entertainment through tv and find someone equivalent to your son! till that time,take it easy, and don't forget... "AUNTYJI,AUNTYJI, GET UP AND DANCE.