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Thursday, 14 July 2011


we indians love food... people around the world eat to live but we live to eat!!! but the major drawback of this love for food is that we are ignorant about the basic disposal techniques. Be it using the simple dustbin or using sophisticated ones!! its a very common sight for me to see people especially youngsters eat up wafers, chocolates, biscuits and what not and mindlessly throw the wrappers on the road!! Isn't it common-sense to just use the dustbins. even if they aren't around, put it in your bags and throw them out when you find a dustbin!! how hard is it to do such simple things?? you know, many times when i tell this people , I  get ridiculed up real badly!! people tell me that such things hardly will make a difference in saving the environment!! I agree that its a very small gesture but let's begin somewhere! just because you use the dustbins, it doesn't mean that the entire world will stop degrading and global warming will stop right away!! its ridiculous to think so!! we cannot point the fingers at our government everytime!! it's difficult to manage for them too. why can't we take up a few basic steps to keep our surroundings clean? is it so difficult for each one of us to use up the bcsic amenities? reaching up the 21st century is of no use if we don't even know how to keep up our streets clean!! cmon guys, its high time we woke up and did the needfull. first let us take up the cudgels of wringing the dirt from our cities, the government will automatically wake up and join us. If not, who cares? cant' we continue to keep doing our good work? let's join hands, make our streets, cities, states, and then the entire country  clean. clean india, healthy india!!! :):)


  1. have you ever noticed that our class doesn't have a dustbin.......

  2. we do have a dustbin!! looks like someone's been sleeping the entire semester!!!