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Sunday, 23 October 2011


First of all, let me tell you the reason for this topic today..its the result of a shahrukh movie-weekend!!! boy, he does manage to bring out hidden emotions in everyone!! anyways, the first time i heard about soulmates was in one of my earlier romantic books ,the name of which i don't remember!! the book describes the prosaic life of a guy and his journey of finding his s"soulmate" why the quotations?? first of all, i don't really know what a soul-mate means... the dictionary describes  the soul as "the part of a man which feels,thinks and desires,its basically the essence of a consequently, a soul-mate should mean the soul of another person who matches your soul perfectly.. the book also stated that you can find only one soul-mate in your life!! surprising!! considering the fact that the world is getting overloaded with every  human-being coming into this world every six seconds!!  so basically, you have just one person in this entire world whom you can call your soul-mate.... unbelievable!! one of my friends told me that a soul-mate can be anyone.. maybe your childhood sweetheart or a random person you would meet and feel like you have known him for a long time!! how is that possible??  in today's world of soo much uncertainty, how can you be soo sure of one single person??  moreover, has your soul-mate have to be your partner like a boyfriend or a girlfriend?? why can't it be your mother or father?? they gave birth to you.. obviously, your souls are connected!!  or even your friends.. it could be them too!!  am perplexed!!! how in the world am i gonna find my soul-mate?? the movies say that your heart will know it... but how?? personally, my heart needs to go click-click when i see my kind of a partner!! trust me, even after roaming around the country with my father, and seeing scores of people, my heart never went click-click!! it does go for shahrukh khan but whose doesn't?? :):)...also, can i have more than one soul-mate?? you have to consider that its can get along and pour your hearts out to more than one person,right?? hmm...a huge question mark!!! but i guess, i'll never have an answer to that question mark!! because everybody has their own ideas and theories especially in this matter.!!! for me, this concept has been over-rated... but all the best to all of them in search of their "soul-mates"...hope you find the perfect one!!! me i guess i have to keep on finding the answer for one of my million questions!!! adios...:):)

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