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Saturday, 29 October 2011


"Mogambo khush hua", the historic line synonymous with one of the most loved villains of Bollywood,  Mr.amrish puri!! the crazy yet intelligent general in the movie mr. india who's only plan is to conquer India has definitely redefined the parameters of a villain!! but considering his devious ways to satisfy his selfish needs, i couldn't help but imagine mogambo in our real lives!! doesn't a mogambo exist in all of us?? maybe its inborn in us...lies dormant for a really long time but bursts open some day suddenly!! Mr. mogambo had his minions greet him by "hail mogambo"..that showed complete dominance over them...i think even in real life we all somewhere would want people to give us our respect,OK,maybe more than what we deserve!! when i was a child, me and my friends would steal guavas from a tree which wasn't exactly anybody's property!! but a lady claimed it to be hers as the tree was in her compound!! her mogambo used to come out every time we attempted to climb it!! she used to scream and warn us all the time..but you generally don't heed to such things when you have ripe and fresh green guavas right before you!! we all do have mogambos hidden in one of the many dungeons of our heart!! it surfaces whenever people reach inside of you and harm your head and heart!! you get offended... someone told me that you only get hurt when you realize that the accusations are true!! your friend tells you you are selfish!! and you make a face that resembles shock and never expected anyone and most of all,your friend to find out that you are selfish!! that gives life to your mogambo!! admit it, you get hurt and hurl abuses at your friend inside your head!! secretly, your mogambo devises a plan to get back at your friend!! in the movie, mr mogambo forces his disobedient workers to jump into concentrated acid!! sometime in your life, you will wish for the same thing!! be it for the corrupt politician, or the road-side hawker who doesn't give you enough discount or even that khadoos professor who refused to give you that all-important one mark!! your mind is structured like the fortress of mr mogambo!! secretive, highly-guarded and well-equipped!! impossible for anyone to get into it and the temple for all your strategies!! am not saying that we all are mogambos but like the brain -freeze you get when you eat icecream ,the ugly is a part of your living!! some let their mogambos lay dormant all their lives,some nourish and cultivate them and some well, don't even realize their mogambos even though it comes to surface every now and then!! but like all bollywood movies and their happily-ever-after endings, we all too manage to not kill but atleast gag our respective mogambos!! after all, you don't want to break your mask or wash your dirty laundry in full public view!!! there's nothing wrong in keeping your mogambo alive,it does protect you sometimes but don't let it turn you insipid and avaricious!! make good use of it..:):) good luck fighting with the ever-green mogambo!! mogambo khush hua....ha..ha...:):)

Sunday, 23 October 2011


First of all, let me tell you the reason for this topic today..its the result of a shahrukh movie-weekend!!! boy, he does manage to bring out hidden emotions in everyone!! anyways, the first time i heard about soulmates was in one of my earlier romantic books ,the name of which i don't remember!! the book describes the prosaic life of a guy and his journey of finding his s"soulmate" why the quotations?? first of all, i don't really know what a soul-mate means... the dictionary describes  the soul as "the part of a man which feels,thinks and desires,its basically the essence of a consequently, a soul-mate should mean the soul of another person who matches your soul perfectly.. the book also stated that you can find only one soul-mate in your life!! surprising!! considering the fact that the world is getting overloaded with every  human-being coming into this world every six seconds!!  so basically, you have just one person in this entire world whom you can call your soul-mate.... unbelievable!! one of my friends told me that a soul-mate can be anyone.. maybe your childhood sweetheart or a random person you would meet and feel like you have known him for a long time!! how is that possible??  in today's world of soo much uncertainty, how can you be soo sure of one single person??  moreover, has your soul-mate have to be your partner like a boyfriend or a girlfriend?? why can't it be your mother or father?? they gave birth to you.. obviously, your souls are connected!!  or even your friends.. it could be them too!!  am perplexed!!! how in the world am i gonna find my soul-mate?? the movies say that your heart will know it... but how?? personally, my heart needs to go click-click when i see my kind of a partner!! trust me, even after roaming around the country with my father, and seeing scores of people, my heart never went click-click!! it does go for shahrukh khan but whose doesn't?? :):)...also, can i have more than one soul-mate?? you have to consider that its can get along and pour your hearts out to more than one person,right?? hmm...a huge question mark!!! but i guess, i'll never have an answer to that question mark!! because everybody has their own ideas and theories especially in this matter.!!! for me, this concept has been over-rated... but all the best to all of them in search of their "soul-mates"...hope you find the perfect one!!! me i guess i have to keep on finding the answer for one of my million questions!!! adios...:):)

Monday, 17 October 2011


this blog is dedicated to all the drivers and conductors of our country who put their lives on the road for us!! let me take you through one of  India's most colorful ride. nope,it is not the festival season.. its our very own public transport, the buses...yup....wherever you go, you will find very common traits among the buses in our country... be it the their revered efficiency or their chivalry, you will be in for a very joyous ride!! first of all, there will be set of middle-aged men handling the buses... middle-aged not old-aged... now the advantage of these people are that they have a lot of experience in you know you will safely reach your destination.. but on the flip side, they act as if they are the wise old sages who have an answer to anything and everything!! politics, "oh, he is an idiot,he should have taken up that quota or this quota"..."India can never develop",the universal one-liner among all of us!! entertainment,"no one's good these days, actors were good in our days!!!" they have a ready-made reply to all the happenings in the world....let me let you on in a little secret..the favorite topic of all the drivers and conductors is matter which part of the world they are discussing, they will always come back to their wives cooking....:):)..then there's the second category of all the freshly recruited candidates... you can never really trust their driving...and their reactions while pushing their way through the great Indian traffic not only outside but also inside the bus.. they make faces when they have to steer their way through the ladies on guys, admit do enjoy it... ;);)... then there's a third category of all the sick people who just behave as if there's nothing in the world that cannot wait... they won't get up to give you tickets ,,would be lost completely in their chatter with the driver... buses all over have a sign asking people to talk softly so as to not disturb the of irony....will pass cheap comments and sing songs like they are in their bathroom... wonder how their wives bear it?? and the best category of all, the pretending to be funny ones... they pass stupid jokes and think they are the funniest in the world... they ask you if you want ticket or a pass and if you are one of the regular travelers, you say pass... and they say "fail" and break out uproariously almost giving you a darshan of their teeth....i mean,its not even funny... they also try to strike a conversation with all the pretty girls calling them madam... in our country, calling every other girl madam is considered very respectful,..but let me tell you it doesn't sound right from such people... its comes out as very condescending!!! but then, i have to salute their patience, traffic maneuvering techniques and they friendliness... its needed sometimes... looking at them handle the huge bus and their travelers, its a good training for all those  people who wanna learn driving!! just hop into any of these buses and you will learn a lot...:):)... with this i leave you with one of my favourite jokes..
GUY TO THE DRIVER OF A BUS: "When will this dustbin leave?"
DRIVER:"It will leave when all the waste has been collected"...
and the reason i have put a school-bus picture is  that most of our memories are from our school buses...

Sunday, 2 October 2011


now that the entire country's newspaper's are celebrating Mr. m.k. Gandhi's birthday today, i wondered what it would have been if he would have been alive today?? the height of imagination i know!! for starters, he would be the oldest man alive on earth!! 142 years old!! has anyone lived that long?? hopefully not..but lets draw an imaginary picture and see how it turns out.... his great grandsons would first run to their computers and and open a face book account!! maybe even mark zuckerberg would personally flow into the country to open an account for him!!millions of friend requests would pour in a single hour!! his page will have all his details like his daily routine,his upcoming activities!! his status updates would surely be something like "let's all join together in this battle against the numerous challenges our country is facing now"!! he would definitely be alarmed at the growth of technology and realize that years ago when he thought people worked with their blood and sweat on farms, now thanks to Mr. mark zuckerberg, everyone is a farmer!!! he would be so happy!! ha..ha...but i guess many would also poke him...not all are the same...then an account int the even more popular site, twitter... he would create the record for the maximum no. of followers in a single day!! people all over the world would wait with baited breath for his every single update!! governments,celebrities,workers,...everyone would be a Gandhi fanatic... but i guess, Gandhi ji would not have allowed for his picture to be on the Indian currencies or stamps or any other commercial entity i guess.. owing to his simplicity, there would have been a symbol of our country designed by him instead...then again, our country would not have not out like this... maybe a corruption free government, no castes, no cruelty to animals and probably in a distant future, better relations with Pakistan...all the days would begin and end with him... his bhajans would be incorporated into every bollywood movie...honestly, i think it would be totally over-rated...we would have lost his value.. and commercialized him beyond recognition... already, in the market today, there are pens,cars,memorabilia being marketed in his name at sky-rocketing prices!! imagine the  condition if he had been chaos....recently, i heard a song which said the we want bapu back...the country needs you...seriously?? do you want to give the poor man a heart-attack?? all his life he fought and fought for a corruption free India and if he could see what has become of us today, he would definitely go in a state of shock!!!but imagine what would happen if he really comes back!! what if he just walks into one of the sessions in parliament where chairs are being thrown and chappals are being flung??? kya scene hoga!!! maybe everyone would get scared and get back on the right track!! maybe not..but seriously, think about your capabilities and then make a prayer for getting him back!! can we really follow his hard ideals ?? they are not easy at all.. everyone knows that...but we do miss you bapu..hopefully we can imbibe some value of yours to make our place a better one... happy gandhi jayanthi!! and i said newspapers are the ones only celebrating because no one else is ...look around ..its true...