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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Every city of our country has its specialitites, tourist spots, eateries, holy places......but there's also another widely acclaimed presence..not celebrities..its cheap labour alias child labour!! :(:(...i don't know why this saddens it because a child's right place is in a four-walled structure with posters of knowlegde i.e., a school?? or is it because children are the the very foundation of ourfabric-thin society??..thin walled because, it's very open to the aam-junta..yes,mango open so that even terrorists live as our neighbours now, and we never know!! driving through the streets of any city, at every traffic signal you will be greeted by herds of young girls and boys with flowers,umbrellas,toys,...what not!! oh and the national day celebrations, when all we nation-lovers are out to prove our patriotism and enjoying the nation's freedom, these kids are out in the hot sun selling the national flags, smbols of our very own freedom!! ironic isn't it?? in a time,when there's a development happening every ten seconds around the world, it's hard to pick out these kids!! i have always thanked my stars for not putting me out there on the super roads!! super because, you obviously know the state of our streets!!:(...  pushed by the desperateness to fill their stomachs, they are out holding heavy merchandise and screaming out their prices to everyone, ...shouldn't they be holding books in their hands and bearing the weights of pushing more knowledge into their delicate minds?? observe closely and you can almost feel their bad luck written on their faces and ragged clothes!! why are we so silent on topics we should be debating the most on?? we debate on topics like will these two celebrities date each other?? really?? are we so oblivious to the huge neon blinking sign right in front of us?? why do we always have to go the broken ones?? in such a short age, the little ones are out playing various roles of waiters,cleaners,vendors,maids,nannies,....whereas people start their education,dump it in the middle and then take up these roles!! is this the bright future of india?? picture,awesome monuments, clean roads(hopefully), electronic life...and a small part of kids going to school in their eco-friendly vehicles or the kids going to sell another fresh lot of their merchandise?? which would suit more better?? the choice lies in our hands!! you may think, that am being very pessimistic about everything,the roads, the child-labour, corruption,anything!! why can't i concentrate on the good things our country has to offer?? sadly, i can't... it's mostly because my  mom says i can't expect anything to develop if i focus only on the good part!! you need a healthy dose of criticism to push you forward and keep you grounded!! honestly, the only solution that i see at the horizon is for us to take up the matter in our hands!! if not eliminating the demon of child labour which has spread its roots deep into our land, let us be more appreciative of the efforts that people or the government put in... jaago re... join hands... educate children well...this independence day, let us observe a freedom of unique kind... after all, you don't want to be treated by a docor who's been a child labour before?? that's something you won't get to see... eliminate it,,be your work..don't put the humoungous load on the weak shoulders of the younger ones!! MAN UP!! EDUCATED INDIA ,RESPECTED INDIA!!:):)


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  2. I totally agree with you on this one....even i have seen how people face criticism when try to do something to make it a better place....i hope your message goes to many.......

  3. Among all the social evils of our country this must be the first one to be eradicated....they are supposed to be the future me our country.,. Wow. Varsha awesome