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Friday, 22 July 2011


She's cooking...most definitely something delicious..for whom you ask?? its for her beloved children and her dearest husband... probably her in-laws too!! surrounded by clean dabbas of grains,masalas,veggies,and fruits, a house-wife tirelessly works her way through not only her husband's stomach to get to his heart but also her children!! while waiting for the milk to boil or the cooker to whistle up, she looks out the window into the road ahead!! well,if you live on upper floors, she looks at the lively scene down below!! she sees mothers everyday with their simple duppatta over nighties attire going to drop off their little ones to their daycare centres...more often, she also spots women dressed up smartly leaving to their offices!! but her early morning darshan starts off with the milkman and the newspaper guys!! stirring her rasam, she maps her work out for the entire day!! then comes the working hour rush!! children not finding their socks or husbands complaining how late they are!! ;looking at the people down below, she wonders if other housewives are also on the same frequency!! in between all this she manages to check out the latest fashion in town!! she doesn't need the tv for this!! she quickly scans all the working class scurrying below!! eureka!!! she knows what's in and what's not!! on rainy days, she looks at the overflowing drainages and worries about her children and husband!! will they reach home safely??, she wonders...all this while the respective children and husbands are out in their own world doing what they do best....enjoying!! come afternoon, the respective children are back chatting away with their friends...she scans up all the friends looking out for her child...all this shows through her small window!! how does she perceive others outside?? is there a hint of regret when she sees other women working and not her?? or is there a sense of pride when she sees the lesser-well doing ladies who are the maids to numerous homes!! she does soo many things without even a hint of sadness on her face!! you know, an article in a reputed news-paper showed up a survey which says that moms spend 70hr/week on home chores!!! if you eliminate the maids,nanny and the tutors, every mother is worth an annual salary of 37,000 dollars high enough to put any junior doctor working long shifts to shame!! amusing isn't it?? so all those husbands,sons and their counter-parts out there, if you think that your wives,moms aren't doing enough, wake up!! it's high time you saw the world from her window!! she'll feel proud enough to make you something special again for dinner,not that she needed it!! go on, praise her for the humoungous amount of work she does!!! for u...:):)


  1. In this whole blog i feel sorry about the husband who has to eat rasam made by his wife who is not getting time from peeping out of her window i could imagine how tasty it would have been .............that's just a joke though nicely written.....

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