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Saturday, 29 October 2011


"Mogambo khush hua", the historic line synonymous with one of the most loved villains of Bollywood,  Mr.amrish puri!! the crazy yet intelligent general in the movie mr. india who's only plan is to conquer India has definitely redefined the parameters of a villain!! but considering his devious ways to satisfy his selfish needs, i couldn't help but imagine mogambo in our real lives!! doesn't a mogambo exist in all of us?? maybe its inborn in us...lies dormant for a really long time but bursts open some day suddenly!! Mr. mogambo had his minions greet him by "hail mogambo"..that showed complete dominance over them...i think even in real life we all somewhere would want people to give us our respect,OK,maybe more than what we deserve!! when i was a child, me and my friends would steal guavas from a tree which wasn't exactly anybody's property!! but a lady claimed it to be hers as the tree was in her compound!! her mogambo used to come out every time we attempted to climb it!! she used to scream and warn us all the time..but you generally don't heed to such things when you have ripe and fresh green guavas right before you!! we all do have mogambos hidden in one of the many dungeons of our heart!! it surfaces whenever people reach inside of you and harm your head and heart!! you get offended... someone told me that you only get hurt when you realize that the accusations are true!! your friend tells you you are selfish!! and you make a face that resembles shock and never expected anyone and most of all,your friend to find out that you are selfish!! that gives life to your mogambo!! admit it, you get hurt and hurl abuses at your friend inside your head!! secretly, your mogambo devises a plan to get back at your friend!! in the movie, mr mogambo forces his disobedient workers to jump into concentrated acid!! sometime in your life, you will wish for the same thing!! be it for the corrupt politician, or the road-side hawker who doesn't give you enough discount or even that khadoos professor who refused to give you that all-important one mark!! your mind is structured like the fortress of mr mogambo!! secretive, highly-guarded and well-equipped!! impossible for anyone to get into it and the temple for all your strategies!! am not saying that we all are mogambos but like the brain -freeze you get when you eat icecream ,the ugly is a part of your living!! some let their mogambos lay dormant all their lives,some nourish and cultivate them and some well, don't even realize their mogambos even though it comes to surface every now and then!! but like all bollywood movies and their happily-ever-after endings, we all too manage to not kill but atleast gag our respective mogambos!! after all, you don't want to break your mask or wash your dirty laundry in full public view!!! there's nothing wrong in keeping your mogambo alive,it does protect you sometimes but don't let it turn you insipid and avaricious!! make good use of it..:):) good luck fighting with the ever-green mogambo!! mogambo khush hua....ha..ha...:):)

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  1. Hahaha! Nice write dear...really catchy..
    Its actually true that we get offended when someone shows us a mirror and we dont like the ugly image of ourselves that it reflects...
    Loved the post..
    Keep writing! :)