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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Every city of our country has its specialitites, tourist spots, eateries, holy places......but there's also another widely acclaimed presence..not celebrities..its cheap labour alias child labour!! :(:(...i don't know why this saddens it because a child's right place is in a four-walled structure with posters of knowlegde i.e., a school?? or is it because children are the the very foundation of ourfabric-thin society??..thin walled because, it's very open to the aam-junta..yes,mango open so that even terrorists live as our neighbours now, and we never know!! driving through the streets of any city, at every traffic signal you will be greeted by herds of young girls and boys with flowers,umbrellas,toys,...what not!! oh and the national day celebrations, when all we nation-lovers are out to prove our patriotism and enjoying the nation's freedom, these kids are out in the hot sun selling the national flags, smbols of our very own freedom!! ironic isn't it?? in a time,when there's a development happening every ten seconds around the world, it's hard to pick out these kids!! i have always thanked my stars for not putting me out there on the super roads!! super because, you obviously know the state of our streets!!:(...  pushed by the desperateness to fill their stomachs, they are out holding heavy merchandise and screaming out their prices to everyone, ...shouldn't they be holding books in their hands and bearing the weights of pushing more knowledge into their delicate minds?? observe closely and you can almost feel their bad luck written on their faces and ragged clothes!! why are we so silent on topics we should be debating the most on?? we debate on topics like will these two celebrities date each other?? really?? are we so oblivious to the huge neon blinking sign right in front of us?? why do we always have to go the broken ones?? in such a short age, the little ones are out playing various roles of waiters,cleaners,vendors,maids,nannies,....whereas people start their education,dump it in the middle and then take up these roles!! is this the bright future of india?? picture,awesome monuments, clean roads(hopefully), electronic life...and a small part of kids going to school in their eco-friendly vehicles or the kids going to sell another fresh lot of their merchandise?? which would suit more better?? the choice lies in our hands!! you may think, that am being very pessimistic about everything,the roads, the child-labour, corruption,anything!! why can't i concentrate on the good things our country has to offer?? sadly, i can't... it's mostly because my  mom says i can't expect anything to develop if i focus only on the good part!! you need a healthy dose of criticism to push you forward and keep you grounded!! honestly, the only solution that i see at the horizon is for us to take up the matter in our hands!! if not eliminating the demon of child labour which has spread its roots deep into our land, let us be more appreciative of the efforts that people or the government put in... jaago re... join hands... educate children well...this independence day, let us observe a freedom of unique kind... after all, you don't want to be treated by a docor who's been a child labour before?? that's something you won't get to see... eliminate it,,be your work..don't put the humoungous load on the weak shoulders of the younger ones!! MAN UP!! EDUCATED INDIA ,RESPECTED INDIA!!:):)

Friday, 22 July 2011


She's cooking...most definitely something delicious..for whom you ask?? its for her beloved children and her dearest husband... probably her in-laws too!! surrounded by clean dabbas of grains,masalas,veggies,and fruits, a house-wife tirelessly works her way through not only her husband's stomach to get to his heart but also her children!! while waiting for the milk to boil or the cooker to whistle up, she looks out the window into the road ahead!! well,if you live on upper floors, she looks at the lively scene down below!! she sees mothers everyday with their simple duppatta over nighties attire going to drop off their little ones to their daycare centres...more often, she also spots women dressed up smartly leaving to their offices!! but her early morning darshan starts off with the milkman and the newspaper guys!! stirring her rasam, she maps her work out for the entire day!! then comes the working hour rush!! children not finding their socks or husbands complaining how late they are!! ;looking at the people down below, she wonders if other housewives are also on the same frequency!! in between all this she manages to check out the latest fashion in town!! she doesn't need the tv for this!! she quickly scans all the working class scurrying below!! eureka!!! she knows what's in and what's not!! on rainy days, she looks at the overflowing drainages and worries about her children and husband!! will they reach home safely??, she wonders...all this while the respective children and husbands are out in their own world doing what they do best....enjoying!! come afternoon, the respective children are back chatting away with their friends...she scans up all the friends looking out for her child...all this shows through her small window!! how does she perceive others outside?? is there a hint of regret when she sees other women working and not her?? or is there a sense of pride when she sees the lesser-well doing ladies who are the maids to numerous homes!! she does soo many things without even a hint of sadness on her face!! you know, an article in a reputed news-paper showed up a survey which says that moms spend 70hr/week on home chores!!! if you eliminate the maids,nanny and the tutors, every mother is worth an annual salary of 37,000 dollars high enough to put any junior doctor working long shifts to shame!! amusing isn't it?? so all those husbands,sons and their counter-parts out there, if you think that your wives,moms aren't doing enough, wake up!! it's high time you saw the world from her window!! she'll feel proud enough to make you something special again for dinner,not that she needed it!! go on, praise her for the humoungous amount of work she does!!! for u...:):)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Orkut,twitter,facebook,.....the pioneers of connectivity all around the world!! with the increasing popularity, the derire need to be in touch, and the feeling of oneness with others is making way for what i call the outbreak of connectivity disease!! gone are the days when people used to use simple postcards or at the most a letter to communicate with with their near and dear ones!! make way people!! the net is here to stay!! i can hardly see anyone even thinking of writing letters leave alone do it. Why?? it's simple, the net is faster, simpler and much easy-catering to the large couch-potato fuelled masses!! al you gotta do is click,click and click!! and voila, you are thrown open to the entire world with your pictures,videos,audios and comments!! in a single  minute, you are world-famous in the comfort of doing the minimum in your own bedroom!! amusing, isn't it?? throw in some cut-throat competition, and the desire to stay connected soars even higher!! you are not on facebook?? omg!! dats a huge loss!!! :(:(.. how will people know what you are doing and where you are?? a standard answer from almost everyone right from my friends to my doodhwalla!! yes, the milkman!! apparently, he ison facebook and tells me to check out his status(i.,e the days he cannot come or won't deliver milk etc etc ) on his page!! wonderful, just what i had been waiting for!! realising that if i dont join up fb any sooner, i will be bombarded with more intriguing questaniores, i jumped headlong into the sea of humans who believe connectivity is the way to go!! now after  six  months, 2 weeks and 4 days, iam still not into the craze for fb!! sorry mr.mark zuckerberg!! i guess, your product  holds no interest to me!! no offense to the millions of people who are crazy enough to scream their personal things out from the roof of fb!! well, that goes same for all the fans of twitter out there!! who wants to know, where you are and what you are doing?? moreover, hasn't mobile already filled in that space?? haa,,,it's different when it involves celebrities,i guess!! they have a social responsibility to fulfill!! hmmm...i guess i'll just go on complaining about the slow dissappearence of our , oh sorry my beloved postman but people won't stop the journey of staying in limelight through such messengers! i miss you my postman!! no matter what, i'll always be there for you !!!! :):)

Thursday, 14 July 2011


we indians love food... people around the world eat to live but we live to eat!!! but the major drawback of this love for food is that we are ignorant about the basic disposal techniques. Be it using the simple dustbin or using sophisticated ones!! its a very common sight for me to see people especially youngsters eat up wafers, chocolates, biscuits and what not and mindlessly throw the wrappers on the road!! Isn't it common-sense to just use the dustbins. even if they aren't around, put it in your bags and throw them out when you find a dustbin!! how hard is it to do such simple things?? you know, many times when i tell this people , I  get ridiculed up real badly!! people tell me that such things hardly will make a difference in saving the environment!! I agree that its a very small gesture but let's begin somewhere! just because you use the dustbins, it doesn't mean that the entire world will stop degrading and global warming will stop right away!! its ridiculous to think so!! we cannot point the fingers at our government everytime!! it's difficult to manage for them too. why can't we take up a few basic steps to keep our surroundings clean? is it so difficult for each one of us to use up the bcsic amenities? reaching up the 21st century is of no use if we don't even know how to keep up our streets clean!! cmon guys, its high time we woke up and did the needfull. first let us take up the cudgels of wringing the dirt from our cities, the government will automatically wake up and join us. If not, who cares? cant' we continue to keep doing our good work? let's join hands, make our streets, cities, states, and then the entire country  clean. clean india, healthy india!!! :):)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

mumbai's magical rains!!!

you know, i have been to numerous places in the country but the rains in mumbai are unmatched !!! its completely magical and surprising!!! surprising because a city where the humidity is at its peak all the time, its hard to imagine that it would receive rainfall like this!!! just before the rains arrive, the entire city is engulfed with dark clouds and the sea turns tumultous...every single bird starts chirping its breath away!! (weird, but true). then the first showers hit the city...and a lovely sight it is!!! trust me, every single thing around you turns green..its like someone has laid out a green carpet over the entire city!!! its luscious and ripe greenery everywhere!!! the radio-stations start playing the rain-tunes, bhuttas hit every nook and corner of the city!! yum!! you kook around anywhere, and you'll find splash of greenery !!! its a great mood-lifter!!! an evening walk along the marine drive with hot bhuttas and the light evening drizzle is just the perfect recipe to heaven!!! :):)....its sets off a great ambiance..... you know, its the same scene anywhere in india during rainfall. but its mumbai guys!! you have to experience it to know the difference!!! so, please dont miss out on this wonderful, enriching and lovely experience whenever you are in mumbai!! i assure you, its a lifetime experience!!!! bye for now!!! looks like its gonna pour again!!!:):).. and if people tell you about the potholes, the bad drainage system,overflowing sewage, the traffic in rainy season in mumbai, ignore them!!! enjoy the rains!!!!

mumbai's magical rains!!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

first day at blogging!!!!

Hola fellow bloggers!!!! hm mm...first day at blogging......looks hopeful..... u know, i first heard about blogging from amitabh bachchan...... ever since, i read about his blog and his experiences with it, i realized i was missing out on something!!! to socha, try kar lete hai... honestly, i don't have a clue, about what am gonna write or blog about!!!! but there's sooo much happening in my world to share about!!!! "my world"??? ha..ha... in case you are wondering which world am i talking about, its the land where fasts against the government are more common than bees on a flower!!! its the land where people, ditch there their parents but worship movie-stars!!! its the land where pizzas reach faster than an ambulance, its the land where buildings are first built and then the planning is done.....and its the land where every person has a right like me to complain about everything and anything!!!! :):):).....newayz, am sure you all too live in the same world...if not, wake up my friend...its the reality!!!!