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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


No iam not talking about the increasing number of attacks by the leopards which have been straying into residential areas of Mumbai and killing incessant people and children. The people in spotlight with the title prowlers are the ones who prowl the deserted alleys and night streets to pounce on hapless females returning to their homes. Yes iam talking about guys, uncles, men (yes, different categories) who tease, mock, grope and molest innocent girls. Every single day,  as fresh molestation and eve-teasing cases make the headlines, we are left fuming over the increasing vulnerabilities of women. Be it molestation when you are returning from work or the eve teasing during your regular grocery shopping, the horrific crime just doesn’t stop. So what’s the reason behind these incidents? If you ask, the most common answer you get would be that girls are at a mistake. you do not dress properly, you do not come back home in time, you must have encouraged them and so on. But if you put some actual thought into this issue you will realize that there is only one reason for such happenings. Sick mentality. Sick mentality of people who view women and girls as mere objects of lust and desire. The problem arises when men start neglecting the fact that women and girls are human beings too. so what do you get out of this superficiality? No one knows. What is the line for molestation? Is it a simple hug? Or is it a simple touch on a girl? when do I start calling a certain gesture by a guy as wrong? Many girls out there are confused with this. This confusion often is so huge that we do not know how to react. I am a girl. When I step outside I am subjected to lustful gazes, cheeky comments, disgusting attitudes, loud whistles and of course, the ever increasing live renditions of cheap songs. What do I do? Ignore. Because that’s what I have been taught. Ignore such creeps. What if they hurt you in any way? Why? Isn’t hurling whistles at you hurting you? Isn’t passing cheap comments hurting you and encroaching your private space? Why is it such a crime to be born as a girl? is it our mistake that we want to wear dresses we like? Is it a crime that we want to enjoy our life? Why are all the restrictions being imposed on us? What about the people who stoop down to a level like molesting us? Why doesn’t any khap panchayat ask guys to wear scarves and burkhas when they step out? It’s really ironic that people who bow their heads and join their hands in reverence before female goddesses are the ones who bring shame to the society by indulging in such horrendous acts. If you are a guy and are reading this, please let me know your take on this. How do you justify such crimes by your brethren?
I feel ashamed and sorry that in a country where we soar high in all the fields, our precious wings are cut off brutally.  For a minute, put yourselves in our shoes and see the world or just simply ask any girl. She will narrate the daily activities she does to keep the prowlers at bay! The agony and the stress she faces everyday is something which is beyond your imagination. The answer to this malady is not in ignorance. Its in our voices. If every girl subjected to such a torture raises her voice, iam sure we will all put our heads up and walk the streets of life with pride. A girl or a woman’s life should not circulate within the shadow of a burkha or a scarf. Let her out and let her fly.            


  1. Not just sick mentality.Its the hugely regressive and horrendous, medieval lust-filled mind-set, of Men.

    And to add fuel to the fire, the so called organizations or NGO's responsible for the safety of women, make insensitive, Ridiculous,douche-baggy goof-ups. Like how the NCW revealed the victim's name and other details in the recent Guwahati case.

    And the Colonial laws are still being followed, which are in no way helpful to get justice. The culprits can be out of jail within a few days, on bail.

    Even after all this, the society as a whole puts blame on the girl/woman.

  2. yes..i agree..thats why its important every girl raises this issue and fights for it..