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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


“Sab par dish savaar savaar hai..blares my idiot box in between the over-rated serials. Very true. Ever wondered why suddenly there is an increase in consumerism, right from electronic goods to the furniture’s to the hotel business?? Its obvious because when you have a personality like mr. bachchan filling the screens with his larger than life image and a strong baritone, asking you to eat a particular chocolate, we’ll run for the stores to try it out . Gone are the days when fresh new faces who just had modeling as their main job advertised soaps and perfumes and toys and eatables. Nowadays, every single entity has something called its “brand value”. The more famous the personality, the more the brand value. No matter how big or small a company’s product is,it always has someone famous publicizing it. It doesn’t matter that the product is crappy and is just a reason for a hole in our pockets. This industry has grown so mush that companies now have a separate publicity unit who design evry possible trick to fool people. Be it shahrukh khan with his dish tv’s, toothpastes , home décor’ or amitabh bachchan with his banking solutions, chocolate ,creams or deepika with soaps and creams, consumers today are spoilt for choice. Nobody knows what to buy anymore. There is too much variety out there. Earlier, when I still believed that santa was real, I thought that when such bollywood stars entice us with such products, they used the same items at their homes. Little did I know that this was just another day’s work for them and it didn’t matter  that people would be following them blindly.  As soon as srk would just finish his byhearted lines for so and so product, out would I go with my dad’s wallet to the local store and ask the uncle trying desperately to get that product into my hands. Most of the times, it wouldn’t have even reached his store. Dejected, I used to come back dreaming of the day when I used to use the same product that my srk would be using. Slowly I realized that people all over the country were just being taken for a ride. Nobody used the products they endorsed. And even if they did they wouldn’t let people know. It’s very important for us the consumers to know that every product no matter how good or bad stands on its own. Stars endorsing it wouldn’t increase its effectiveness or guaranteed results. While ash with her eternal beauty  lured me into buying her soap, deepika with her pretty smile enlightens me on the fact that hers is the highway to one’s freshness !oh  god! Product attack!! What to do? Whom to choose? Whom to reject? What if iam trusting the wrong brand? Will my skin be more shiny using this product or that one? Which toothpaste will give me that perfect smile? Which brand of mobile will I look more stylish with? Million more questions shooting around in my head. But I think consumers today are also very smart. They know how to gain maximum benefit from all the best brands out there without hurting their favourite stars.  “this product gives me the ultimate comfort”,an actor says.  Really? Do they really believe their own words? Hard to find out. After all they are actors by profession. Well, that says it all. My fellow bloggers, please don’t fall to these whims and fancies. choose whatever suits for you and your wallet. Till then adios and keep enjoying the varied advertisements by your favourite stars.  Lets see who covets the award for the "salesperson of the year".


  1. Nicely written Varsha !! :) :)

    Most of the stars endorse such brands as these brands also become tie-ups for their bug budget movies,and hence help in their marketing strategies.
    Both the product company and the star smartly create a Win-Win situation for themselves.

    We the consumers have to be more smarter than them.

  2. thankyou and i completely agree with you.